Bu$hCo and the Indivisible Quantum of Stupidity

What is that makes Bu$hCo unique? I would say that it is the tendency to reduce every issue to a single insipid soundbite--a sentence so devoid of context that it cannot be argued with or further divided into smaller stupid remarks. In fact, these are Indivisible Quanta of Stupidity and the hallmark of this administration. Consider these examples and see if you agree:

Bush on the subject of extending tax breaks (mostly for the rich, but of course that doesn't bother Bush):
If Congress doesn't act, your taxes are going to go up, and you're not going to like it...

McClellan on the UN's call for bringing Guantanamo's detainees to trial swiftly (a complete non-sequitur):
These are dangerous terrorists that we're talking about.

Bush on the outsourcing of jobs to countries like India (a "duh!" statement if ever there was one):
People do lose jobs as a result of globalization and it's painful for those who lose jobs...

Bush on deficit reduction (presumably he's talking about Republican's here):
Here's the way Washington works. They'll increase your taxes and they'll figure out new ways to spend your money.

Bush on the use of ethanol and ethanol blends (totally off the reservation here):
We can't use all the corn -- people gotta eat -- animals gotta eat too!


If he wasn't the freakin' president of the USA, he would be in a mental ward!
Fool me once, I'm a fool

Thats a sound byte that fits.

Stupid fucker
Bush on civil liberties: If you're not for Orwellian-tracking methods and KGB-like security tactics,you're agianst freedom and the terrorists win.
These are dangerous terrorists that we're talking about. Is that the administration he is referring to?
Cartledge, I think it's a tautology. "If your at Guantanamo you're a dangerous terrorist, and if your a dangerous terrorist...".

R-bE, the terrorists have already won, IMHO. They have gotten everything they could have wanted and more in Bush. Nobody could realistically believe that the US can be defeated from without. We can only be defeated from within, and Bush is doing his level-best to make it happen.
Sweet Jesus those guys are dumber than a dandelion aren't they?
Impeach him...Immediately!

Don't the people of this country realize the nation is flushing away with his poll numbers?

Every signing statement, siezed phone record, tapped phone, dead soldier...Every rhetorical play on words from the Badministration takes us one step closer to being the "rogue nation" we supposedly fear?!

He has to go...And waiting until November is waiting 6 months too long!
You know there are a lot of cats on this blog all of a sudden, and that makes this frog kinda nervous. ;-)

But seriously Dusty, my favorite is "Dumber than a bag o' hammers." And Gary...I'd so love it to be true, but won't happen I fear. Maybe Specter will grow a pair, but so far all he's been good for is talk.
So it's official then. The enemy in the War on Terror(tm) us. And by "us" I mean every American citizen not of the CoB (Cult of Bush).

I think it's fair to say, the administration is no longer defending American -- having revoked the Constitution with the help of the flying-monkey congress -- but is defending his coup. The military and secret police have now turned inward.

Word of the day: Junta.

The only difference between Bush and Qaddafi is their sense of fashion...
Unscripted, the true W comes alive, doesn't he?
Yep. He's pretty damn clueless, alright. THose are all just verbal "My Pet Goat" moments.

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