At Bu$hCo Diversity Stops With The Cabinet

Cast your mind back to the early days of Bush's first term. If you listened to the windbags on the right, Bu$hCo was golden when it came to diversity, and true enough he had a very diverse cabinet--minorities...women, all represented in unprecedented numbers. But that was then.

Now, with 6 years to assess the administration's real performance, we find--surprise, surprise--that Bush not only does not lead on diversity, he can't even best the right's evil nemesis, Bill Clinton. WaPo's got the goods straight from the House Government Reform Committee. Have a look.


Heh! Wotta fooker. Looks like he had better get busy! Can't let the Beelzebubba have ANY kind of advantage now, can we!

Of course, anything Clinton did, Bush seems determined to do the exact opposite, or at least to do it differently. If Clinton advocated this or did that, it therefore cannot be good. SO...

To me, these results are not such a great surprise, primarily given Bush's demeanor, but also to an extent, his party affiliation.

The GOP has a big tent? Hardy har har... Tell us ANOTHER good one, Dumbya! Your tent does include anyone who makes at least a half a million a year, as long as they are white, male, heterosexual and Christian. So what's that, about 5% of the population?

For a long time I've taken heat because I do not think that Bush is racist. I think he's classist, and elitist(those people haven't succeeded because they're not as able as he is. - I know, but that's my impression of his beliefs.)

And, working from that, I don't find it surprising that his "people" are disproportionately white and male. That is the pool he is fishing in.

Not only do you have the traditional biases within big business and the think tank world, but then you also have the white male biases of the Republican party. So, it's a double sieve that strains out diversity.

My point is, I don't think he's consciously racist, he just hangs out in one of the most non-diverse crowds. Imagine staffing from a high end country club, not many minorities to choose from.

Mike...I would never...ever...give you any heat. :-)

But seriously, I think that both you and Snave have hit the nail on the head. Bush *IS* a classist...and a loyalist. The minorities he does appoint, at least the visible ones at the leve. of the cabinet, are first and foremost loyalists. Below that, he doesn't really care that much and appoints people from the same class that he comes from, diversity be damned.
Women in politics?! Don't be silly - they can't be in politics unless they very strictly adhere to Christian values and the concept that women should bear children and have no rights to their own bodies. And even then, they should be limited to those who are old and have dried up baby-parts. And minorities will only steal the women and impregnate them, so obviously they're out.
Echrai, it's interesting to note that despite Bush's dismal record, the G.O.P. is very likely to have a women on the next presidential ticket. Of course, it'll be Condi. Eeeewwwww!

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