Tonight on 24 - President Logan Channels Tricky Dick

Separated at birth?


Uncanny, frog!

(thanks kvatch, I do feel better) :)
Y'know, I really miss Nixon...
It's funny, kvatch...How television and/or the movies tell us how we should think and feel, and, in some cases, it actually gets it right, yet many viewers do not see beyond the story and into the subtext.
Y'know, I really miss Nixon...

Yeah, he may have been a law breaking sneak, but he stop short of being a sociopath like W and his inner cabal.
Y'know, I really miss Nixon...

In both of their cases, it's the hair! Sexy! And you know, nobody could scowl like Nixon!

EPM - Right you are, and I think that it's very disturbing that within one lifetime one should see Nixon eclipsed.
Does that make Jack & Wayne the Woodward & Burnstein of 24?
damn it Liz, I was totally going to say uncanny. now i have to think of something else.

umm weird, man.
I thought of Nixon several times during the last few episodes..and then I had nightmares about him :P

Did I tell you I am related to him through marriage? I shat you not!He voted in my granma's house the year he finally won..or was it the year he lost..hell I forget..must be the years of pot smoking that dulled my memory..oh well..where was I?
So In History I've been learning about Nixon.. and Logan and Nixon not only are similar personalities (from what I know) but they bare striking resemblance

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