Shake Shake Shake

In honor of the 4.3 that struck near King City in Monterey Co. this morning. I thought that I'd mention that the USGS has a whole bunch of new California earthquake simulations.

Try clicking this link for the best one. (Sorry QuickTime required.) It shows the earth movement under San Francisco during the 1906 quake. Watch those ripples! And try moving the slider manually to really see it.

Makes you want go and sell your place in the city, doesn't it?


Holy crap Kvatch! YIKES!!

.... makes me want to heed the oh-so-wise words of our oh-so-sharp Homeland Security and fetch plenty of duct tape, powdered milk, and cans of tuna.
...and killer bees in Kansas, it's the end times!
Homeland Security and fetch plenty of duct tape, powdered milk, and cans of tuna.

Yeah, the delusions governments and people have about how to survive a catastrophe are unreal.

I've actually heard people here in Sodom by the Sea justify their SUV by saying, "Well if the big one comes, I'll need the 4WD to get out of the city." ...And a construction crane to lift the tons of concrete that it's buried under.
I'd check it out, but I live just miles from Lander's quake epicenter and try not to think about it...
Eek! Well hopefully well have another couple-a-decades until the next "big slip".
Note that the next fault to slip is more likely to be the one in the East Bay that runs along the edge of the Diablos. The USGS has a simulation of that one too. It would affect far more people than if the San Andreas slips again, because it'd shake San Jose like a bowl of jello pudding (San Jose is on fill that washed down from the surrounding hills) and San Jose is over three times the size of San Francisco.

BTW, if you want to escape an earthquake, buy a dual-purpose trail bike like a KLR-650 or something like that. I know folks who got whacked by the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast this year. They say that the roads were impassable for days by any four-wheeled vehicle, but their dirt bikes just slogged right around every obstacle in their path. Of course, the fact that it'd be under the same tons of concrete rubble if in the city doesn't help :}.
- BT
Right you are BT (and welcome BTW). The Hayward fault going could be much worse than the San Andreas ever was.

But to you're point about the KLR-650, does this mean that my Thunderbird isn't gonna cut it? :-) (Thing's heavy like brick, so guess not.)
Of course, this is only part of the picture. The other part is those maps showing ground stability--i.e., which parts of the City are built on fill, which are on bedrock, which are on unstable slopes, etc. We're in pretty good shape according to that, but the Marina is going to be fucked...again.

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