Kvatch Kalled It - Americans Want To Combat Global Warming

Back in February, I speculated that a day would come when the economic floor drops out from under "Big Oil" because of their lack of investment in alternative energy. My scenario depended on a consumer backlash that we may be seeing the first signs of. Check out these numbers from the Chicago Sun Times:
  • 53 percent of Americans think warming is caused more by human activity than by normal Earth cycles.
  • 70 percent think the effects of global warming can be reduced.
  • 59 percent think their efforts as individuals can make a difference in global warming.
In addition, as if to add insult to Big Oil's injury, California once again leads the way with a new initiative that would mandate a 25% reduction in the state's greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Anyone want to take bets on how long Bu$hCo will delay before suing California to stop this new plan?


Those percentages you quoted give me hope that the Americans I believe in have been found. Seems they disappeared for the past five years.

The quickest way to get someone's attention is to give them a hard upper-cut to the wallet.
Americans are finally starting to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. The Bush spin machine is losing control.
I sold my car and use mas trasnportaion no matter how much it hurts. Actually, I much prefer it, though I confess that it is pianfull when I take the train to my mom's in Davis. It takes a while getting used to scheduling your departure. Upside is I get to read a nice book instead of just wasting those hours.
PoP, Kathy I think your both right. Spin fatigue is slowly turning into a backlash against Bu$hCo.

Denisdekat, the economic benefits of not owning a car can't be denied. That said, it's east for me. I live in Babylon by the Bay, outside of Manhattan, just about the best place in the US not to own a car. I applaud anyone why can give the infernal machines up.
Shit with all this rain we are getting, it has to be a sign of global warming, no? I am so tired of it.

Blog on Kvatch. Blog on.
Just for shites and giggles, I'd like to see the juxtaposition with people who believe in evolution and then the numbers of those believing in the rapture.
Shit with all this rain we are getting, it has to be a sign of global warming, no? I am so tired of it.

I'm with you there man. Where's my fracking brunch weather?!

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