AT&T Defends Their "Fat Pipe To NSA"

In response to the EFF's lawsuit against AT&T for funneling...well...everything--all the data that goes through their systems--straight to the NSA, the telecom giant revealed yesterday how they intend to defend themselves: Deprive the plaintiff of the evidence.

In a move straight out of some "Rovian" playbook, AT&T asked Federal judge Vaughn Williams to force the EFF to "return" key documents and to restrict the EFF from referencing those documents in support of it's case. Put more simply, AT&T asked for the documents to be quashed, a move that would effectively destroy the case.

Unfortunately, things don't bode well for the EFF or the public's interest. Judge Williams has a long history of taking stands in favor of corporations at the expense of the people.


So not even foreplay?
"Crack Pipe" might be more like it. Americans need to stop smoking out and pay attention to what's going on around them. I love America, but stories like this are one of the reasons I moved to an island, far away from so-called "civilization". Nonetheless, I may move back sometime in the near future... I miss the insanity!
Donald, welcome...

I think that AT&T is not alone here, they just got caught. Tapping technology, installed right in the data centers, is Federal law if I'm not mistaken, but to use it to shunt literally all traffic to NSA? Well that's something else entirely. The legality here is ultimately going to hinge on whether or not Bush's surveillance arguments hold up in the first place.

At this point I just like to see the case go forward in order to shake out the issues, but Vaughn Williams is a tool.
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Sometimes my friends and I get on the phone and just speak in gibberish, but with kind of Arabic accents. We'll go on for 15-, 20-minutes sometimes... absolute gibberish with the odd "Allah", "jihad" and "bin Ladin" thrown in here and there.

We think of this as our own little psyops mission on the NSA. Just messin' with their heads.

One possible snag in this is that no one's heard from Steve Linden (one of our friends) since last Thursday. Not sure what that's all about.

(For all of you who claim to have a good sense of humor, but really don't... this is a joke.)
Sometimes my friends and I get on the phone and just speak in gibberish, but with kind of Arabic accents.

Well then EPM, you might be interested in this. It's a way to find out if NSA is monitoring your emails or click-stream. In the biz, we call this a "honeypot".
I am not sure how I feel about being reduced to a pubic

I think part of the problem is that the powers at be have about as much respect for the public as they have for a stray pubic hair on a gas station toilet seat.
Well it took me the whole day and two of you to allude to the mistake (thanks PoliS for the not-so-subtle-hint), but I finally got it corrected. Though it was sort of appropriate the other way as well.

Just goes to show, West Coast bloggers trying to be creative for their East Coast readers early in the morning probably just shouldn't.
The Fat Pipe! The Big Tunnel! What the hell do they DO with it all?
Total Information Awareness. Under the covers these are the same trolls that flipped congress the bird under the Reagan administration in the Iran-Contra debacle
well, i guess the only way to deal with at&t is to leave them in droves. too bad, because i rather liked cingular...
Poppie, you could leave AT&T, but I think that it's naive to believe that the other large telcos don't have the same "relationship" with the three-letter-agency that shall remain nameless, but whose initials are NSA.

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