The Art of Immigration Policy - Christo's Border Fence

Christo's Border Fence
Washington, f-A-ke. P. -

With negotiations over the upcoming immigration bill at an impasse and angry rallies taking place nationwide, Republicans have decided to backtrack.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert announced today that plans for the 700 mile long concrete and steel border fence have been scrapped due to the controversy. In it's place Congress, in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts, have decided to commission Christo, world renowned architect and designer, to create a "fence" that will stretch from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to California. The Speaker called it the best compromise we could come up with considering America's overwhelming support for something on the border.

Christo called the commission, "Zhe project of a lifetime!"


I like the Christo solution, it's got class. I guess that's why it won't happen. But you know the whole problem could be solved down south, and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I'm not really into killing birds with stones myself.
I think you good folk in the USA should start a campaign to protect the country from your norther neighbours. Call it the 'unseen peril'. I'd reccomend a 30 mtr (60 ft) high concrete wall the length of the Canadian, US border. Of course there is an additional cost here as Alaska needs to be sealed as well.
Don't take risks, start lobbying today. Reccomend the mexicans build it, so as to keep them busy.
Ah, we are full of solutions...
For about two seconds I stared at this post going "No way." Remind me not to read the fake posts first thing in the morning before I've had caffeine. :) As my mother (who is such a closet racist that it's not even funny - although she does distinguish between Mexican and Puerto Rican although often inaccurately) and I discussed, the issue is that our immigration laws suck to begin with. Lower the bar, ease up on the standards, open the country to more people legitimately and then with the time, money, and manpower saved in that department use it to work on what would then be a dwindling illegal immigration problem - not to mention the fact that the people who really want to come work here could finally do so legitimately. Hmm.. wait, that makes too much sense, what are we thinking? Besides, then the rich people would be forced to pay adequate wages to their help. We can't have that now, can we?
Cartledge...it does have class doesn't it, but imagine the response of illegals crossing the border, "Cual el infierno es este?" ("What the hell is this?")

Echrai, :-) :-) :-)
Kvatch, glad to have you visit us. I enjoy your comments and miss your froggy self when you are away fro a time.

After the hassle I had with Action Now and the racism on her blog, I am not about to comment on immigration!!

I have limited knowledge of amphibians so cannot identify what kind of frog you are. One of the numerous colorful rain forest frogs? Were you ever acquainted with a Jeremiah C. Bullfrog (named after the song)?
Now aren't you the clever Frog!! How, pray tell, did you make your blogroll ROLL. That is so neat! I never noticed that before. I like that and would enjoy having it on some of my other blogs. (Andrea does the blogroll on Is America Burning).
I am not about to comment on immigration!!

Worried, I know how you feel. I'm not qualified to comment on immigration either. Hence the send-up.

As for the rolling blogroll, it's done with the "marquee" tag. Just surround your blogroll with the tag and viola! Send me an email, and I'll send you an example.
This is surreal, and I don't just mean art. Christo? I've always admired his work... I never would have thought our government would give such a big project to an artist... Halliburton, maybe, but not Christo... even though I'm torn about the border issue, this gives me hope that people in our government aren't as uncultured or stupid (Bush) as I thought. Hmmmm. This is very cool, actually.
Oh god Kathleen, Imagine what a Halliburton border control fence would be like. Instead of concrete and steel, it would have lasars! Along with robots that would patrol the "no-mans land" surrounding it.
Christo's just the ticket for the design forward thinkers of the W, Rove and Co.
LOL. very funny.

hey if we are going to be oppressive fucks, lets do it in style huh!
Thanks Graeme. Got the idea from a comment that I posted over at Lassiter Space--a response to a post of his about the immigration issue.

Windspike, think Christo will see this? Probably not. The man says on his site that he doesn't use email. So I suppose the web is out as well.
I love it! The revival of the running wall. I wonder if he still has all the materials...?
Thanks Neil! Coming from you, I consider it quite a compliment.
You know, I think it looks better there. I never liked it before, but that somehow works.

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