Two New Fronts In The War On Homosexuals

This morning Blognonymous is saddened to report that the war on homosexuals in the United States appears to be escalating.

Windspike at the Educational Whisper has some excellent coverage of Bu$hCo's clandestine attempt to "re-exclude" gays and lesbians from jobs that require a government security clearance.

This is an issue that has some personal relevance for me since, years ago when I carried a clearance, I remember that being gay was a basis for disqualification. I cheered the change in policy in the '90s and am saddened to see us go backwards on this issue.

It's also come to our attention that, after Catholic Charities of Boston retreated on their policy of placing a small number of adopted children with gay couples, numerous states including Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, and New Hampshire are considering joining Florida, Mississippi, and Utah in banning gay adoptions.

Now this is an evil bit of legislating that states should really avoid. Consider that the basis for such a ban is an "inappropriate environment for child-rearing", but that the only practical way to enforce it is to also ban adoptions by single parent's or domestic partners. Why? Well gays can't marry anywhere but in Massachusetts and Hawaii as it is. So the only way for them to adopt in most states is a single parent or domestic partner adoption and in neither case is the question "...are you a homosexual?" relevant. If we intend to suddenly make that question relevant, then we must also be prepared to classify homosexuals as strangers to US law. Moreover, once such a ban is in place, it's a short, pernicious intellectual hop to a ban on homosexuals raising children period, even children conceived by gay or lesbian couples.

Though I wouldn't claim that these injustices are as tragic as slavery in the US, I would point out that denying a class of people equal protection under the law, or worse explicitly legislating away their rights, is exactly the kind of unjust tactics that kept blacks subjugated in South for a century after the Emancipation Proclamation.


Your comparison of gays to blacks is a good one. And I'd extend it to the way women were second-class citizens for decades, and in some respects still are.

I've no doubt that common sense will eventually prevail and we will allow gays their rights, just as common sense eventually prevailed with blacks and women. It's just a matter of how much time it will take, and how much pain we will cause them in the meantime.

Unfortunately, enlightenment comes slowly in America.
I agree, Abi... common sense should eventually prevail. I think the first step will be to elect a left-leaning president, if that is possible. From that point on, I think it would be a matter of gradually winning hearts and minds. What are these creeps so afraid of that they have to pick on people?

I keep hoping for signs of a backlash against all the gay-bashing... The fundamentalists will hang on like bloody ticks, and they will introduce bill after bill to try and suppress people because of their sexuality, their skin color, their gender, their socioeconomic level... and they will use religion and "moral values" to justify it each and every time. We have to keep fighting these jerks. We can't let them win.
I agree, Abi... common sense should eventually prevail. I think the first step will be to elect a left-leaning president, if that is possible. From that point on, I think it would be a matter of gradually winning hearts and minds.

Interestingly...Abi, Snave...despite the gloom, I agree as well, but not for the same reason. Numerous polls show that among GenY and (whatever generation follows them) there is practically no support, zip, zero, for an anti-homosexual agenda. In fact, the young don't even understand why it's an issue.

So in 2 to 3 decades this will largely be a non-issue, the only question is: At that time, how tied up will we be by stupid, discriminatory laws?
Thanks for the link up Kvatch, I'm honored by the mention. I found this slice of yours a bit of fantastic writing: "it's a short, pernicious intellectual hop to a ban on homosexuals raising children period." I find it completely mystifying as to why people think that homosexuality is any stranger than heterosexuality. Both types do some really disgusting things to their partners - as viewed by the eyes of a child. Niether propogates or spurs similar behavior on a child. The argument that gay sex is different than straight sex as a mechanism to stop high quality parents from raising children holds no water at all. Pernicious indeed. Some of the best parents I know are light-years better than some of the straight parents I know.

Take for example the single mom (not by choice) I know with three kids now, who's heterosexual partner lived with her for a number of years and gave her the gift of sperm that worked three times, cheated on her, fell victim to drug abuse and is hooked now on several varieties of drugs and left the home for god knows what. Are these three children better off than the two girls I know being raised just down the street by two wonderful, loving lesbian women? Nope. Not in the least bit. In fact, the two girls are some of the best adjusted and well behaved children I have met - some might even mistake them for "good, christian" children - which they indeed are good, but most certainly not Christian - with a capital C.

Arg, the whole situation is completely frustrating. Again, I leave you with one of my lingering questions for those who bash gays and won't acknowledge their right to ritghts, just like us. What is it about heterosexual marriage is in need of protecting?
Kvatch, I agree with your reason for optimism on the subject. In another decade or three, the forces of rampant homophobia will have largely died out,and everyone will be shaking their heads, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Until then, however, we need to be on our guard and fight against pernicious legislation like this at every turn. No point in creating bad laws now that will just have to be undone when people finally come to their senses.
Well done post, there frognonymous. I heard about the adoption matter and was very dissappointed by that.

I am hopeful too and agree that perhaps a day will come when things are different.

Windspike seems to offer up a sensitive view on things.

I find the commenters here at your blog Kvatch to be among the best in my travels, I am so often touched by the responses here, amazed by the intelligence. Frog mojo, maybe.

Have a good weekend Kvatch, as I will be away. I need a break from gloom and doom anyway!
The more Bush fails the more the rest of the world will define itself in opposition to his foolish example. Bush hates gays, gays must be okay.

What a stupid way to advance civil rights, but they say the Lord works in mysterious ways.
I am daily appalled, amazed and bamboozled over the treatment of gay people. WHY DOES ANYONE CARE? It makes me nuts!! WHY are we going in reverse in society when it comes to tolerance? Oh yeah. I do know the answer to that. I can't believe the rate at which the average person seems to be losing their ability to think.

Good lord. My sister, a lesbian, wonders why she still is in the dark about what the "gay agenda" is. Can someone enlighten us?
Lily, thanks for the kind words and enjoy your weekend. Do I assume correctly that Lew and Fosco will keep things hopping at LtN?

Windspike, your too generous. After the BARBARian event last night, I as so hung over that the first draft of this post was almost unreadable. Glad the second attempt met with more success.

Generik, you raise an excellent point, but it's a bit difficult considering that most of objectionalbe stuff will get passed at the state level, and in places that aren't exactly close.

Helen: There's a "gay agenda"? Well, if it's something more than settle down, buy a nice house fix it up and then raise a mess-o-kids in it, then I'm clueless. Raiding Pottery Barn down to the last leather napkin ring seems to the "gay agenda" around here.
i will never get why someone cares what someone else does in the privacy of their own bedroom. it is just wrong.

geez, i can't imagine how it is to be a black gay man.
Sure it's wrong. And the odd thing is that most Americans know it's wrong and still tolerate it. Which shows profound lack of moral character.
Well, if you jump on the religious bus you are going to be bombarded with homophobia..its one of their calling cards..

funny thing is..they protect the pedofile priests..go figure.
Dusty, I guess if you're a "man of the cloth" it doesn't matter whether or not you think NAMBLA is a good thing... Ick. How hypocritical can these guys be?

HW, my guess is that the only place the "gay agenda" exists is in the minds of conservatives. It's just more of their fear bubbling to the surface. Sad, sad.

Sorry to have missed the BARBARians event. Sounds like I have some serious catching up to do.

Blog on.

Oh, Gay Agenda? I'm not sure there need be one Helen other than liberty, freedom and justice for all...oh, and a little bit of pursuit of happiness tossed in for fun...and, why not some government, of the people, for the people and by the people too while I'm at it. Well, shit, how about just the whole Constitution applied evenly and equally, to spice it up a little.

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