A Taste of GOP Midterm Election Strategy

Generik of The Generik Brand sent me a copy of a fund-raising missive that is going out to the G.O.P. faithful. Take a look for yourself because if this email is any indication, what Democrats can expect from the G.O.P. in the run-up to the midterms will make the "swift-boating" of John Kerry and John Murtha look tame.

First and most obviously, it appears that Republicans are going to call into question the patriotism of not only the Democratic leadership but Democrats in general. Second, they will exaggerate Democratic support for censure and outright lie to their base about what constitutes an impeachable offense. Third and finally, they'll jump right on to the "anything to win the war on terror" bandwagon. In other words, they're going to make this election about a single issue, impeachment.

Democrats better get ready to fight fire with fire, or we're going to get clobbered while trying to keep the tone of the debate elevated. Since, the Republicans have embraced law-breaking and subversion of the Constitution as virtues, they should have their faces rubbed in it by the Democrats.

Reid, Pelosi...are you paying attention?


Perfect! Plays right into the Culture of Corruption theme. Respond with a long list of corrupt acts, then talk about Phil Cooney, the former oil industry lobbyist who is now in the White House censoring anything anyone wants to say about global warming and then go right into cronyism and Katrina.

In other words, let them bring up impeachment and then show why it makes good sense. But DO NOT DENY THAT BUSH SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. That plays into their agenda by backing down and looking weak.
The majority of Americans are against Bush's policies. The polls are mixed regarding Bush's NSA wiretapping—it depends on how the question is asked. [see pollreports.com] But if Democrats run on "domestic issues" and act Republican light, they will lose...again. Feingold and Conyers have courage. I wish the rest of the Democrats would stand up for what they believe in and stop cowering in a corner.
Another six months and Iraq might not even be there. I read Iraqi politicians saying that "terrorists are not the problem anymore, the militias are" after all the beheadings and executions, and now I see a suicide bomber got pissed about the beheaders getting all the press and killed another 40 and wounded 30 this morning. Unity Government? Anyway, I don't think the "terrorism" shit is going to work. May I say it? The Republicans seem a tad "desperate".
Very cool. Last night I heard the best slogan for Dems in the next elections (couldn't believe it came from Newt Gingrich)"

"Had Enough?"
The issue isn't whether or not Bush should be censured. But when Congress, GOP and Dems, will begin to do its oversight job? Democrats ought to pound on that.
Do you think they're two distinguisable parties? If yes, why?
Isn't that the way you teach a dog not to shit indoors? Rub his nose in the shit and toss him outside? Sounds like something we aught be doing to the repukes.

Vote the bastards out.
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"Had Enough?"

That's great Kathleen, but DBK is right we shouldn't let the Republicans off the hook, not for one goddamned second!

The list of ways they've broken the law is endless. Leslie's right though. We need to hit and hit hard on Republican issues, but we also need one or two concrete examples laid out with the brain-numbing clarity that conservatives apply to every soundbite they issue. Simple, simple, simple!

"Republicans don't believe in the Constitution."

"Republicans can't control spending."

"Republicans believe the President is above the law."

"The Republican debt bankrupts your children's future."

The specifics don't matter.
Romunov, welcome. Think I saw some comments of your's a few days ago.

Do you think they're two distinguisable parties? If yes, why?

Not really. Not as long as the Dems, as Leslie put it, "...run on 'domestic issues' and act Republican light". What we really need is an alternative. Unfortunately the two-party system is so strong in the US, it's hard for a third-party to get traction. Happens about once a century.
"Republicans don't believe in the Constitution"
"Republicans can't control spending"
"Republicans believe the President is above the law"
"The Republicans debt bankrupts your children future"

People, I think we have a plan!
The fact that they're pushing this censure/impeachment thing so hard says to me that they're really afraid of it. I just wish the damn Democrats would realize that they can use this fear as a club. They should identify exactly what the Repubs fear the most, and then go in for the kill. Take that scenario that scares the Repubs so much and shout it out loud. The people are with them on this, especially when it's framed correctly.

Kvatch, I think "Republicans don't believe in the Constitution" and "Republicans believe the President is above the law" is exactly the right way to do this.
Kvatch, I think "Republicans don't believe in the Constitution" and "Republicans believe the President is above the law" is exactly the right way to do this.

Lew, Generik, thanks. I just wish I had confidence that the Democratic leadership would actually take up cause and fight it out. I think they're going to roll over...again.

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