South Dakota - Chaining Women To Their Rapists...For Life!

I wish like hell I could find a flaw in this line of reasoning, but I can't.

When the South Dakota legislature passed HB1086, the now infamous Roe v. Wade challenging anti-choice bill, it had the opportunity to add a clause that would immediately terminate the parental rights of a rapist upon conviction. They did not do that! In fact, the killed it in committee by a vote of 11 to 0.

So now, a woman who is unable (lack of availability), unwilling (think Catholic), or prevented (remember we're talking SD here) to use emergency contraception after a rape will face a monstrous choice. Either she accepts that she'll be tethered to her attacker until her child reaches adulthood, and possibly longer. Or she gives up the child...TO HER ATTACKER.

The residents of South Dakota should be ashamed of themselves and their legislature, but I somehow doubt that they are. As for female South Dakotans...leave! What other choice do you have?

Thanks to Mikevotes at BaTCoTE for telling it like it is.


fucking crazy
It certainly does cause one to ponder their intelligence. This country seems to be regressing at warp speed...and we know to whom we owe our thanks for that!
I am so angered by South Dakota's slavish adherence to some kind of moral/religious ideal while failing to see that what they have proposed causes more problems than they're trying to solve. It's inherently misogynistic, and now it is embedded into that state's legislature. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
Disgusting and depressing...Coathanger Era is now upon us...again...

Thanks to you and Mike posting on this..
Crazy, ain't it? But there's going to be a big big fight over this. Big big fight.
I swear..they are doing this just to see what the pro-choice folks do about it. They want to see how much of a stink we will raise..if we will go enmasse and picket and demonstrate,get arrested..its the only thing that will change this horrible law..its so far out of sight..its almost like a sick joke because it defies reason.
There have been many times when proposed (or not proposed, in this case) legislation fails to consider exceptional circumstances. Recall during Scalito hearings, the fact that he was not willing to say he made distinctions/exceptions? THIS is the court we have.

All the idiots that say voting doesn't matter, why bother, who cares... well it might be true that both parties have corruption, but people knew that Bush would have the opportunity to nominate and the republicated majority would approve.And still... millions did not vote. Millions did not care, millions supported Bush again.

These are not going to be easy times.
I mean why? Why are they doing this? Do they really care about a fetus or is it something more? I think there is something else. They are punishing women. Are they afraid of us or do they just plain hate us?
I am so angered by South Dakota's slavish adherence to some kind of moral/religious ideal...

I reminded of another group also highly motivated by a "slavish adherence to some kind of moral/religious ideal" who let several girls burn to death rather than subject them to the ultimate moral corruption of being rescued by male firefighters. This of course was the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Once again we see that as we leave a bloody trail abroad in an effort to make them more like us, back home we're becoming more like them.

The terrorists don't wear kafia's, they wear pinstripes.
The decision to allow a rapist to have parental rights is just sickening. Reading that makes me want to vomit. It is morally reprehensible to allow a rapist to have parental rights. This should make it clear to all women that we need to stay the hell out of South Dakota.
Ya! Party like its 1899! Yellow Wallpaper and coathanger futures skyrocket in S. Dakota, invest now!
What I can't understand is how we got to this point. Have we become so blase aobut our rights that we can't envision them being taken away? What happened to that generation of women (and men, I suppose) that fought for the freedom to plan their families? What of the two generations that followed them? Where are they?

Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to win this one at the national level. The state level is all that's left, and I agree with StaticB, we need a way to help women get out of SD. Allowing the predator to have any rights whatsoever in this case is morally reprehensible.
We got lazy and shrubco waltzed in with the lunatic fringe as supporters and took over.

We as US citizens got fat 'n' complacent, and while we were enjoying our overabundance, the neocons pulled the rug right out from under us.

We have to work like mad to change things around. No one but the people can do it. It seems futile sometimes, but it'll happen. I think we're only in a waking up period. The average person really hasn't yet. But they'll be forced to.

We are regressing at warp speed. Have you noticed the level of misogynistic ads on TV lately? The attacks on gay people? The suppression of free speech? They're trying to turn women back into June Cleavers! They're making it illegal to criticize shrub without being dragged away!

And we thought Sharia law was a bad idea...
Sharia law

Well when you use a furrin word like that, of course it sounds like bad idea. You need to call it something better, like . . . ah, here:

"A Return to Traditional Family Values in Government"

Now, see, doesn't that sound so much better? And yet, same thing! The magic of marketing at work!
This doesn't just affect women. Has anyone ever heard of the woman that was convicted of rape, and then won a civil case for child suppport from the man she raped? One would think that committing rape would immediately make one an unfit parent, especially since so many people molest their own children. And what about children, who have to live knowing they were concieved by rape? It doesn't make any sense: men (or women) can have rights to children they created by rape, but men can't decide if their children live to be past a fetus? God, this world is so beyond messed up.

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