Rumsfeld on an Iraqi Civil War - The Week's Dumbest Quote

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld gets the coveted Blognonymous Dumbest Quote of the Week Award.
The plan is to prevent a civil war, and to the extent one were to occur, to have the... Iraqi security forces deal with it to the extent they're able to,"
But...Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Rumsfeld?!

Yes Kvatch...

What do we intend to do about the fact that the combatents will be the Iraqi security forces?




Here is my take on what Rummy might say:

will the enemy combatents be the security forces, heck ya!

Is this a good thing...that depends.

You see, if the enemy combatents are the security forces, then we really don't have a civil war now do we...What we have is a police action.

So in that sense, if we take an optimist look at things, we will see that what appears to be a civil war is really just stability gaining ground.

I get tired of the media trying to make this out to be more than it is. Only 1300 people have died in the last couple of weeks. That's hardly a civil war.

Gee Whiz, 30,000 people died in one battle during our Civil War.

Will the violence end, next week, next month, or next year? Heck no.

But does that mean we are not making progress? Heck no.

You gotta have war in order to have peace. That's just plain common sense.

So in that regard, things in Iraq are going swimingly well. I would suggest you all stop paying attention to the news reports. God knows I don't look at them.
A lebanesse tv reporter asked the shrubmiester some challenging questions - particularly about civil war in iraq. Have a gander:
Rummy isn't the best communicator ..plus he thinks most americans are on the IQ level of the Shrub so that doesn't help either.
I had this very same thought. Damn, I should be SecDef!
"...and if they can't deal with it, well, we'll just pull all our troops out and we'll abandon Iraq to the Islamofascists." Sure, Don, sure. Why don't you dumb down (or Dumb Don!) a bit more.

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