Puerto Rico Is Second Class? What About The District?

This is an interesting tidbit. Seems a group of Puerto Rican's consider themselves to be inferior US citizens and are willing to sue to get that changed, but yesterday they lost their appeal when the Supreme Court refused to hear their case.

Here's a couple of thoughts. First, if Puerto Rican's really want to have "first-class" citizenship then perhaps they should vote to become a state, something they haven't managed in two recent plebiscite's (1993 and 1998). Second, before we waste any more time on Puerto Rico, we should enfranchise the residents of the District of Columbia!

Nuff said.


I have never understood the whole District of Columbia thing..I am not stupid but it makes no sense to me.
Is theie argument against statehood one of taxation? And WHAT IS up with DC? Have to say I don;t get that either but I'm probably not as smart as Dusty...
Is theie argument against statehood one of taxation?

Not that I read. Seemed more along the lines of representation in Congress, a voting member there and being enfranchised to vote in Presidential elections. Residents of DC get the latter but not the former.

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