Plagiarism - The MSM's Great Dodge

I've been resisting this because plagiarism is an area where I have a axe to grind, but with this excellent article by Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post, I can't resist any longer.

Here's the short of it: The MSM has adopted the same sense of entitlement that pervades society today, and the way they express this is by refusing to cite sources that they consider disreputable--alternative news, bloggers, and the like. One recent example of this is the A.P.'s willful plagiarism of a Raw Story article on covert changes to clearance rules for gays. Even after the A.P. was pointedly shown the source of their information, they still refused to cite because, as Huffington Post notes, the A.P. does not credit blogs.

But--as anyone who has taken an introductory journalism class knows; anyone who has ever written an academic paper knows; anyone who has committed facts to print is supposed to know--the reputation of the source is irrelevant, and the decision is not in the hands of the writer/reporter. You cite your sources. You give credit where credit is due, and you do it because to fail to do so is plagiarism, pure and simple. Again quoting Ms. Alexandrovna, the A. P. seems to feel that the work of the alternative media, "is good enough for us to steal but not credible enough to cite."

Any news organization that fails to cite appropriately, the A. P. included, deserves to have it's reputation dragged through the mud. And why? For being a bunch of worthless tools who've apparently forgotten, or who are willing to ignore, the most basic standards we apply to research and reporting.


Amen, brother.
I often find myself reading editorials where I feel that the ideas, even if not the words, are lifted straight from blog entries I read the day before.

Even the Daily Show's jokes and material often rise from the blogosphere.

A little credit to the blogs from time to time is definitely due.
Yup..Entitlement Issues and the Integrity of Journalism...lost and found...
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I always link my sources, even when they are a tinfoil hat based website, they can't be wrong all the time.
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Wow this makes me think my own original thoughts...

You've really gotta watch that Crackpot or next thing you know it'll wind up as a A.P. "from the wires post" on Salon with no freakin' attribution. Lack of sleep is no excuse.
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Sometimes even Joe Shit the ragman has something worth saying and when he does if you are going to quote him it is less than honest to use his words and not credit him.
I believe that blog sourcing should be held as somewhat dubious. I saw a rather prominent left wing blogger post that mutliple Fitzgerald indictments were coming down within one day. The fact that this did not happen (and that day was not a scheduled Grand Jury day) was never corrected.

But, your point is a valid one. A.P.'s style should be to cite blogs as a source and then show additional sources that verify.
CE, though blogs as sources should definitely be treated with some suspicion, that issue is orthogonal to plagiarism. Refusing to cite blogs as sources serves one goal and one goal only: The desire of the MSM to avoid responsibility when the blogs are wrong, and it deprives the MSM's viewers/readers of a useful check on the MSM's credibility.

Moreover, the issue of plagiarism doesn't just pertain to "news", it goes further into original analysis, and if these were periodicals rather than blogs we wouldn't even be having a discussion. So the question arises how is a blog, with a readership of say...1000 to 5000 people different from a small circulation publication?
The MSM is a worthless bunch of lazy cowards..so what do you expect?

They get fat and rich sitting on their ass's trying to get others such as Capitol Hill BLue to give up THEIR sources..Doug Thompson had a great story on this a few weeks ago...how WaPo and a few others tried to filch his story and begged for his sources..bastards.
I found his article:


just in case anyone was interested :)
AP deserves a lawsuit. Or something karmically applicable. Thoughts?
Well, if we're talking karmic then it would have to be the rise of the independent news source Raw Story, Brad Blog--all the non-MSM sources that are really good at filtering the value from the trash. The first time a Brad Blog breaks the big story, it's an annoyance. The 1000th time...it's karmic.

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