No Line Item Veto For Bush, Please!

In a cynical attempt to rehabilitate Republicans as the party of fiscal conservatism, Bu$hCo has proposed that the President be given the power of the line item veto.

Setting aside the fact the line item veto is usually struck down as an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers and is an infringement on congress' authority to determine budgets (as it was in 1996, the last time this came up); Setting aside the very real concerns about how a man like Bush would use the line item veto--think wholesale punishment of blue-staters; Setting aside the fact that the G.O.P. could justifiably change their name to Grand Old Pork (I mean they have passed budgets containing the three biggest deficits in history); Republicans may want to consider a slightly simpler solution...

How about Bu$hCo propose a freakin' balanced budget for a change! Duh!


Ah, Kvatch. Balanced budgets, pay as you go, fiscal restraint... so passe'...

Maybe he's afraid they will sneak "prohibit ability to sell sensitive infrasructure to the UAE without review" into a bill....:)
Bend over taxpayers, bend over. If the congress heaps this tool onto the Whitehouse, we are about to see the most significantly deflated congress ever.
Yes, Kvatch, that's just what we need - more power for the KKofK and less power for Congress. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?
BTW, doesn't he look like a first-grader practicing his new writing skills? He just needs the tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth...
Looks like he needs better crayons...hope he bit his lip....looks like he needs a nap too...
I like what John Kerry said yesterday, something along the lines of the guy has not vetoed a bill while he has been in office... okay let's give it to him, but before it can pass it has to come back to the congress for a vote.

Then he held accountable the next time he cuts social programs for kids.
okay let's give it to him, but before it can pass it has to come back to the congress for a vote.

Though I like the idea in theory, Crackpot. I'm not sure it would work in practice. Probably introduce too much delay inot the process. We're in the land of the perpetual "continuing resolution" already (at least most years).
But bush says they have changed the part the supremes didn't like last time. I think that change is 1. Roberts and 2. Alito.
I've got mixed feelings about this. Yes, the line-item veto gives the president more power than he should have. Congress can only override it with a 2/3s vote. But a line-item veto wouldn't be needed if Congress stopped trying to insert pork into unrelated bills.

Bush's proposal is a compromise - allowing the president to veto an item in a bill, which would send it back to congress to be voted on separately, with a simply majority rule.

My God, am I agreeing with Bush? I need a drink...
My God, am I agreeing with Bush? I need a drink...

You and the President both.

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