McClellan Is A Lying Tool

But then, of course, we knew that.

From Reuters -
I think it does raise the question, how do you fight and win the war on terrorism? And if Democrats want to argue that we shouldn't be listening to al Qaeda communications, it's their right and we welcome the debate. We are a nation at war.
Glenn Greenwald has pointed out, with his usual stunning clarity, that no Democrat has advocated anything of the sort. In fact, McClellan's not even addressing the issue, but of course the MSM, not even Reuters, will point that out.


The MSM are complicit fetid and so intimidated by their own failures that the revolution will not come from a democrat, reppublican, centrist, or journalist, but from the people, for the people and by the people- hell! You know the jingle...FIVE THOUSAND MILLIGRAMS
Scotty McMessage McClellan lies on a regular basis. When are the pool reporters going to get a spine and turn their backs on this asswipe is a mystery. Next time it happens they should all stand up and walk out. The mouthpiece and presidential spokesmodel is the very personification of all that is wrong with this administration and reflects, deeply, the republican fostered and fertalized culture of corruption.
You have to feel bad for McClellan. He's got the worst job in the world, having to clean up after this pack of wolves.
Right you are Windspike. Like his namesake, he's a witless tool.

Abi, do I have to feel sorry for him? Do I?! :-) But seriously, the dude is four years my junior, so from my point of view he's living high on spinning sh*t into sh*t.
well that is, of course, the bush administration policy. when criticized, inject your own interpretation into the meaning of the person(s) doing the criticizing, then paint them as unamerican terrorist-lovers.

gotta love the propaganda machine, eh?
...then paint them as unamerican terrorist-lovers.

From your mouth to...well...Cheney's ear. He chimed in as well, accusing any Democrat that might the support the resolution as against America and the President.
Scotty is a robot. No one really talks the way he does. They program into him ever so many words each day and no matter what the question, Scotty just keeps repeating his taped address.

If he didn't like the job he could quit.
I agree, Pissed Off Patricia! You could just turn on a taperecorder and leave it at the podium for all the good he does in those "press conferences."

But really: Who else would hire a simpering, dough-faced liar but shrubya & co?

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