Kvatch's Kommandos Storm Bay Area Public Transit

Breaking news -

Early this morning two companies of Kvatch's Kommandos stormed San Francisco's Municipal Railway (MUNI) and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. Seeking enemy sympathizers, the intrepid soldiers could been seen taking up positions in the downtown San Francisco area.

Thanks to Jay of Lassiter Space for the idea and to Tom Hilton of If I Ran The Zoo for recruiting the troops.


They look great! Great idea, too.
I am pumping my fists and nodding my head "YES!" as I read this. I feel so proud!
I'll keep a look out for the Kommandos Kommander Kvatch. Blog on Komrades. Blog on.

"Bring us home!" is my favorite.
Thank Jay for the "Bring us home!" slogan, Kathleen--was his idea, and I definitely think that it takes the moral high ground. I added the other, because I just can't leave well enough alone.

Look for more in next few weeks.
Don't let those brave men go anywhere near the microwave!
Hehe. I'll have to e-mail you a project I've been working on...
I loved those guys in Toy Story!

Yeah, me too. In fact I think that was part of Jay's motivation. As I was getting ready to head out the door, the frogette kept going "Sir, yes Sir!" :-)
Cool. Waytago.
Works. Where's the tank?
Wow, this is great!!!
Sure beats stepping on them with your bare feet.
Works. Where's the tank?

Actually TPM...I've got two, but I'm not quite sure yet how to use them. Maybe a banner...

Neil, Mags...thanks. Mags do you remember the package of army men that Tom gave me at the last BARBARian outing? Those were them.
I support 'em
SUPERB post!
Yo kvatch....i repost my original story about once every week or so. it continues to get more and more attention, thanks to the rising death toll.
Thankss for your solidarity.
I'm with graeme! :>)
Go Frogs! Go!!

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