Kvatch Kalled It - Senate Quashes Felonies for Good Samaritans

File this under, "tooting my own horn". Back in January's satirical post on punishing people who assist illegal immigrants as felons, I predicted in the comments that the Senate would quash that particular provision, and voila! They did.

Now let's see if this actually holds up in the conference committee... if Condi actually becomes Vice President... and if GMU can manage to eek out a victory over the Florida Gators in this weekend's final four game.

And how about the rest of you prognosticators? Want to stare into your crystal balls? I swear I'll print any predictions you get right.


Nice call Kvatch. Sadly, your high hopes for GMU are not going to work out for you.

Any lesser blogger I might be tempted to call gatorbait.

It's how we get everyone to hate us.
Any lesser blogger I might be tempted to call gatorbait.

Frog...gator-bait. I get it! Bwahahahahah!

But seriously, how can you like a team whose pansy-ass colors are blue and orange? Sheesh. The only acceptable color for great b'ball teams, as with great sports cars and motorcycles, is a nice froggy green. :-)
My predictions frog are at my blog from this morning but I will recap: Cheney has "health issue", Condi moves into VP. Primary with McCain, Condi, Giuiliani, and others but two out of these will make the ticket. Leaning to McCain. The Dems will run Feinstein and Hillary in VP slot and win by a very very close race. They will win because a neocon challenger will upset...and the far left will have nobody to produce the effect there such as a viable green. So o-eight will be Feingold-Clinton. One term of after-bush chaos, back to red sweeps.
Feinstein and Hillary in VP slot

Lily, that's an interesting idea. Personally I'd prefer Boxer, but that's just me.

Whoops...wait a second...Feinstein/Feingold, which one is it? Think that Feingold/Clinton is more likely. That said I'd still prefer Senator Clinton stay in the Senate.
That is a pathetic bunch of prediction, albeit on the button for Kvatch’s big hit.
Personally, and as a pure observer of the US, I go for a more robust scenario:
The administration will postpone all federal elections for the foreseeable future because they; can’t get the voting computer network operating in a way which ensures a fair vote for all…
The Supreme Court will be disbanded until such times they promise to adopt a more ‘democratic’ approach to their decisions.
Military personnel (existing and potential) will be offered their choice of games box and a cell phone if they support the ‘new’ American way.
Said personnel who fail to support the Administration will be sent to the Cheney school for marksmanship – as targets!
...can’t get the voting computer network operating in a way which ensures a fair vote for all

Well, at least get the voting machines to ensure something they like. [smirk, smirk]
Oh!!!! TYPO! NOT Feinstein! Was that a subconscious slip? I've been congested all week and have resorted to medicine... hence the wackiness. Well, then again, I'm always a bit off.

Wish Blue Republic a happy birthday!

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