The Kommandos Advance on Union Square

San Francisco, f-A-ke. P. -

In a daring dawn raid, elements of Kvatch's Kommandos were seen advancing on San Francisco's Union Square. Witnesses described the intrepid soldiers moving in from the West and getting to the square's northern entrance before being turned back by kollaborators of the Kowboy Koward of Krawford.


The soldiers must keep advancing.
I Love the Use of the ol King Koward of Krawford..haven't heard that lovely Winner of a phrase in so long...

DO the Soldiers need provisions, supplies, equipment, little mini MRE's? ( we got supplies man...)
I can send in the Mini-USO Entertainment in the form of a Miniature "taber-nickel" Choir... They may be small but you'd never know it from their warble! :>/
I'll be looking for them around the neighborhood. I might even contribute a battalion or two of my own, if I can find a bagful of them.

Good work, Kvatch!
Kvatch, this is hilarious! I love it. We could get 100's of thousands to march on the capital.
You should be able to afford several battalions...

And they are probably already trained too
The soldiers must keep advancing.

PoP, they surely will. Check this space for further updates.

E4E, PoetryMan, any support is appreciated. :-) How about distributing a battalion of your own?

Generik...go for it.

Peacechick, unfortunately I don't live anywhere near DC any longer, but if someone else wants to plant 'em in front of the White House, I'm all over it.
Bloody hell, as we Aussies are wont to sasy. And you thought you had time to travel to BC Can for a beer. Better stay at your post and keep up the good work.
i support them. do you have any ribbons for sale?
"I support them"! Ha! You are one sardonic fellow! I like it!
Not only must they keep advancing, but I think they need to advance outside the Bay Area. Anybody planning any travel anytime soon? I wish this had come up before I went to Modesto...Modesto could really use something like this. ;)

But I am going to Mendocino in late April and Portland in early May, so I'll deploy some troops on those trips. That is, if I can get them past airport screening...
That is, if I can get them past airport screening...

You'll have to get the troops to declare their weapons. Though, maybe, you could get a military transport. :-)

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