Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me
My blogging's for free
I hope you'll indulge me
And read this short scree

Kvatch Has Left The Building

(I figure, on your birthday, you should get to be shamelessly self-indulgent.)



Happy Birthday sweetie!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birfday, it's gonna be a good one...
Oh, and we'll buy you a drink on Wednesday's Barbarian meet up.
Toast and Cheers to you KVatch.
Happy Birthday to you, dear frog. How could anyone resist singing to those bulbuous red eyes?

Hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year. Toast to FROGNONYMOUS.
Happy birthday!
have a great Birthday!
happy birthday! before you leave the building, can you turn off the lights?
Happy Birthday my new friend!
Many more! Many more!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It turned out to be a very fine day.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Kvatch, and many more. :-)
Happy Birthday, blog on...
Happy (belated) birthday Kvatch! What does one give a frog on his birthday?

And, by the way, I totally agree with you about the concept of waiting until you are older to do the things you want. Not to sound morbid, but the reality is that none of us really knows how much time we have left "in the building." Thus, the imperative to make the best of every moment, work to achieve your dreams, forget about your past mistakes and move on without fear of making more. Because you will. You won't regret those nearly as much as you will regret not working to achieve your dreams ... whether they come to fruition as you imagine, or whether they morph into something entirely different.

Happy happy birthday!

Happy [belated] birthday! Hope you had a great one.

See you Wednesday, I hope?
Thanks Neil, Static, Fred, Anita, Tom.

Happy (belated) birthday Kvatch! What does one give a frog on his birthday?

Why, flies of source, preferably nasty buzzy ones that have the doughy face of Karl Rove.

Tom, indeed you will see me there. Scaramouche has offered to buy a round.
Happy Birthday. I'm sure "Turd Blossom" could spare a few flies.

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