Google's Gotta Give It Up

If you'll recall Yahoo, MSN, and AOL already caved to the Justice Department's request for millions of search records. Only Google said no.

Well...so much for that. U.S. District Judge, James Ware of the 9th Circuit (based in San Francisco) just ordered Google to turn over the records that DoJ wants in order to bolster its arguments in defense of the Child Online Protection Act.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Clear those caches! Delete those cookies! Dump those search histories! Alberto is coming for ya porkchop!

[Update 2006/03/14 5:00pm]

Looks like it may not be as bad as first thought. The DoJ has submitted a "modified" request that only asks for 50,000 randomly selected records rather than the million, or so, that were originally requested. Nevertheless, it's unfortunate that Ware caved in at all, as the government's case seems weak.


No, what we should be doing is typing "illegal surveillance" and "repressive government " into the system, or better yet "impeach Bush"
whelp , anyone wonder if they are looking up Bloggers
For the most part, bloggers tend to talk among themselves and small,irrelevant blogs are typically about as scary as a person with a bumper sticker in terms of importance to them. I don't think just because people are bloggers means much. The big thing are elementary school bloggers now! I think blogs themselves will be so commonplace and typical that they will focus on people actually in a position to do something. I still say they simply use search robots to sift for key words and 'threatening' language.

Do I think they sit around tracking down 9.7 million lefty bloggers? No.

I can only speak for me, but I don't think I'm that important for them to bother much. If they do, they will no doubt focus on high traffic blogs.
...anyone wonder if they are looking up Bloggers

Nope...good, old-fashioned, red-blooded American porn.

I agree with Lily, unless you're high-traffic (or posting tons 'o porn), you're probably safe. [Now where was that "remove private data" command?]
Wait a second...the legislating-from-the-bench 9th Circuit is suddenly loving America?

Um, ok. What kind of umbrella does one need when it starts raining cats and dogs, pigs fly and hell freezes over?
I'll have to take my computer in soon to have the hard drive nuked anyway... Hmmm. Maybe I had better schedule the appointment for sometime sooner than later!

Those searches for "Bush having sex with goat on White House lawn" may well be my undoing!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think google has your search history and G-Mail if you use it on THEIR servers. So nuking will not cleanse. Your actions are on google's turf. They have admitted that they archive and save it all, they said even what is deleted. So erasing, refurbishing, licking your chips, ripping out your INTEL-insides...will not help.
Nope Lily, with the exception of tracking your surfing, you're absolutely right. Getting rid of all of that other stuff is for when Alberto comes a'knocking at your door. :-)

Cookies, on the other hand, should be dumped periodially regardless. Too much information there. Login names, passwords, tracking pings. Though even if you turn them off most sights switch to encoding links with much of the same information.
I think Lily's right, there are so many liberal bloggers, why would they bother with us? I think they probably would target child porn. But who knows.
Rex..my thoughts also..the 9th is the most liberal of all circuit courts...wtf?

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