Eat Your Toxic Veggies, Kids! Or No Toxic Dessert!

As with many issues, people on different sides talk about the positive aspects of their position but spend less effort on reasonably defending against constructive criticisms. Their posturing becomes more about image and winning the debate than considering the spectrum of challenges and opportunities. This is evident when people ask why opponents of genetically modified foods take exception to solving global hunger. It puts us in the ridiculous position of defending our desire to address hunger instead of putting THEM in the position of defending questionable agripolicy with dubious consequences. Instead of talking about the health implications, it becomes all about the liberal conspiracy to hate technology.
Now WE say that the practice of approving questionable products without adequate testing is a failure of regulating bodies to consider public health over industry profits. We cry foul because we know that the research is not extensive, the conclusions not based on long term considerations. The safety not even remotely guaranteed. AND we know that like many things, these caution-scrapping remedies have a way of biting vulnerable people in the ass. (children in poor nations)
So if we look at crops such as corn, engineered to resist common pests, we hear about the decrease in the use of pesticides and how this constitutes a positive step especially because we know these chemicals are harmful despite their widespread use. But what they leave out is the punch line of the joke: that many targeted pests are not dissuaded, causing agribusiness to apply chemicals NAYWAY and worse… the pests become resistant to the process and require EVEN MORE toxic pesticides long term. How does THAT make sense, Monsanto?


My father says - why would I eat food that the pests won't?

Makes a whole lot of sense, no?
good point windspike..

The whole thing to me is this..if it doesn't biodegrade at a natural rate, whats it doin in my body while its there?

Damn Lily and Abi are prolific as hell over here..Kvatch better start getting worried.. :P
I miss the frog. He would have made frankenfoods funny somehow... its just so NOT funny...
Oh, great. Toxin-resistant bugs.

But it's just further proof of the theory of evolution - adapt or die. The strong adapt and survive, and the weak become Democrats.

Windspike - wise man, your dad.

Dusty - well, thanks, but Kvatch is paying us well - $10,000 or a trip to Hawaii. Which did you choose, Lily?
Wait, I didn't get any offer like that Kvatch charged ME.
But Kvatch is paying us well - $10,000 or a trip to Hawaii. Which did you choose, Lily?

Blognonymous will be taking a charge in the second quarter of FY 2006 for $10,000,000 to cover restructuring costs associated with having guest bloggers. Once we've amortized the tax benefit over 10 years, the savings will be deposted in Halliburton stock into each of your investment accounts.
Frog Judas! You're back!

Uh, we'll all be gone in ten years. I say payment now.
Too late Kvatch. My wife is already on her way to Oahu. Fortunately the flight stops in Sodom By the Bay, so you'll have to put her up for the two weeks of R&R she was looking forward to. Better lock the liquor cabinet.
Kvatch..I have missed you dear man..really..I was just kidding bout abi and lily..really..

I got a killer frog pic for ya..not to change the subject dear :P
Kvatch..I have missed you dear man..really..I was just kidding bout abi and lily..really..

Thanks Dusty!

Abi and Lily have done an outstanding job. I could not have asked for a better pair of guest bloggers to keep things "hopping" around here while I was out of pocket.

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