Democratic Sinkhole - An Election Year Plot

New York, f-A-ke. P. -

Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman declared Brooklyn's SUV swallowing sinkhole to be part of the Democrat's agenda for America.
The Democratic party wants to strike fear into the heart of patriotic Americans--right-thinking people who just want to help out their Iraqi brothers and sisters by using as much oil as possible. It demonstrates the bankruptcy of their whole plan and is just another reason we must not allow them to take control of Congress.

Impeachment talk. Weakening national security. Big sinkholes under your Hummer...all part of their evil agenda.


Surely you humans can recognize the work of your God, can't you? If He had His way, He would have the Earth open up and swallow all these monstrosities. I rather like them myself-they're just so evil!
Yeah- what a rebel you are.

I'm just so glad we were able to pull this off. Sinkholes can be so risky.
I'm just so glad we were able to pull this off.

Eco-terrorism sinkholes! Yeah!
What do those damn Democrats have against Gas guzzling SUV's anyways?!
Hey Kvatch, E4# has a sink hole pic up too - talk about synchronicty - but her's is different.

Too bad the w, rove and co is taking us down with them.
Fred...I think it's envy. In the end all any of us want is a Hummer and more inches under the hood. ;-)

Windspike, I think the time for the IEH (Improvised Explosive Hole) has arrived.

Your Manifest Evilness: You're saying God is on the side of the Dems? Bu$hCo has missed a memo!
Silly hairless ape (or should I say, hairless frog) God takes no side in the human drama, but he never foprgets to bring the popcorn!
All Hat No Cattle had this image today with Bush in the whole...

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