Covering Illegal Wiretapping, The NYT Proves It Can't Be Trusted

I won't waste your time this evening covering the Senate Intelligence Committee's deal to retroactively sanction illegal wiretapping. If you need the nuts and bolts, you can check out the "other" NY Times article. Nope, I want to point out that in the same edition, posted after the article above, the Times confuses the issue with a bunch of psychobabble about how the Republicans are "rebelling" against the President.
...Republicans in the Senate are wrestling with how hard to press the White House for more authority over Mr. Bush's eavesdropping program, seeking a middle ground between Democratic calls for an investigation of the program and White House demands to keep hands off.
No they bloody well aren't rebelling. In fact, all the Republican's did was drop to their knees "Monica-style" and say, "Please, Mr. President, how may we service you"! And there's no goddamned "middle-ground" here. The Senate retroactively sanctioned ILLEGAL acts; broadened the window of opportunity for surveilling the innocent by an order of magnitude; And did away with probably cause requirements by allowing congressional oversight to be trumped solely by the Attorney General's word!

What more could the Senate have given away? What greater disservice could the Times do it's readers by suggesting otherwise, and why is the NYT running interference for the Senate?


Yes, they make it sound like the civil war we keep hearing about is Republican vs Republican.
...and if I can't trust the NYT who the f*ck can I trust? Screw it! RAW STORY and Rex Kramer from now on.

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