Cheney = Agnew

The Raw Story and The Washington Note are both reporting that Karl Rove is cooperating with special prosecutor Fitzgerald. Seems Rove's providing access to missing and supposedly deleted records that implicate the Veep in the Plamegate scandal.

If this is really the case, there's a good chance the Vice President Buckshot will have to resign and then...I'm placing my bet on Condi.

HT to Mikevotes of BatCotE for staying on top of this one.


I think that Cheney will resign as well, after the elections, if possible. But the Bush machine has given all the keys to McCain. But I could be wrong.
YEah, you would have to place Condi as the bookies' favorite, but with McCain apparently getting the Bush machine, I just wonder.

Of course, if he really wants to be president, the last thing McCain should do is step into this administration.

And, following the Bush logic that failure gains promotion, Condi might just qualify.

Has she screwed up enough yet to get the Vice presidency?

She's a shoe in, I think.
She's a shoe in, I think.

"Shoe in," Bwahahahahahah! Oh...wait...you were serious. :-)

But seriously, if there's one thing that plays well in this administration it's loyalty, and Condi's star is on the rise there. Veep for sure. President? Not so sure about that. Though, my guess is that the neo-con machine would welcome Rice as a loyal front-woman that they could manipulate from behind the scenes, McCain would be a formidable contender.

Though I have to agree with Mike, why would McCain want to inherit the wreckage that Bu$hCo will leave behind. Condi, on the other hand, would welcome the job.
What do you think about the Andy Card distraction?
What do you think about the Andy Card distraction?

You know--and I'm really, Really, REALLY embarrassed to say this--before today, I didn't even know who Bush's Chief of Staff was.

How worthless am I?
One could only hope that this is true. But Bush said his White House would give full cooperation so I am sure we can expect nothing less.
Here is a thought for you, McCaine/Rice ticket???? Rice is young enough she could serve one or even 2 terms as VP and be ready to be Pres after that. Look at Hillary, 16 years and a wake up.
Here is a thought for you, McCaine/Rice ticket

That would be great for the Republicans, and bad for the neo-cons--a black woman on the ticket for the party of Lincoln! But the neo-cons can't control McCain so they'd probably move to make sure it doesn't happen.
If Cheney went down and Condi was in, then we could impeach Bushtard and not worry about the Cheney Rumsfeld cabal making it worse.

He better hurry.

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