Bu$hCo's EPA Ordered To Enforce The Clean Air Act

Here's a scintilla of good news on a Friday afternoon. In a 3 to 0 decision, a federal appeals court ruled against the EPA's selective enforcement of Clean Air Act provisions requiring power plants to install pollution controls when they make changes that increase their emissions.

The history of this issue goes back to 2003 when Bu$hCo caved to the energy industry and created an exemption to the fairly strict language of the Clean Air Act. That exemption allowed power generators to avoid the pollution controlling upgrades by changing the standard from the amount of increased emissions to the dollar cost of the upgrades.

But the 3 judge appeals panel ruled that the "plain" language of the Clean Air Act requires a stricter interpretation. And here's the most delicious aspect of the ruling: The panel included Janice Rogers Brown, the former Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court and as objectionable a jurist as one can find.

The plaintiffs in the case were a coalition of environmental groups along with 12 states including New York and California, leaders in the fight for stricter pollution and emissions controls. I've long been a proponent of states taking the lead in the fight to avoid environmental catastrophe.

Glad this battle was won.


This was the highlight of my day. Don't have many highlights these days.
Well done! Looks like the states have to take the lead in just about everything, if they want anything done.
"...Bu$hCo caved to the energy industry..."

What's a little caving amongst friends?

P.S. I believe the correct term is "spelunking."
PoP, Kira...indeed they do. The states are leading the way on many issues. I wish California could get Bu$hCo to cave on CAFE, guess we'll see.
This isn't the first time in his dumbass administration that the courts have had to step in and protect the enviornment or wildlife. He has systematically tried to dismantle the EPA.


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