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Brokeback PrairieAs the furor over South Dakota's abortion ban continues to escalate, tens of thousands of young women announced their intention to leave the state in protest. Cars full of single women were seen streaming across the South Dakota-Minnesota border, and though no one can yet predict what effect this will have on South Dakota's single men, the phrase, "You know I ain't queer," was overheard in a number of bars in Sioux Falls.

Governor Mike Rounds, who signed the legislation on Monday, when asked for to comment on the exodus replied that it might become necessary to close the borders to prevent the, "flower of South Dakotan womanhood from leaving".

In related news, the European Union announced that South Dakotan women could apply for residency as refugees fleeing servitude and religious persecution.


So, all kidding asisde, it seems to me that on International Women's Day we ought to be thinking about how the blogsphere could help women who want to flee what is essentially breeder's bondage in South Dakota. Would it be possible to set up a something like a fund for women who want to get out? Could state governments (blue-state s presumably) be encouraged to set up programs to help women get back on their feet in new homes? There's got to be something...


If we did something like you mentioned, would we be terrorist? Most likely.

I know, this thing is eating me up inside thinking of the consequences and the position the women of that state are in now. And sadly other states are chomping at the bit to do the same damned thing.
Right, Patricia. What S. Dakota is doing is trying to set a precident to get Roe V. Wade challenged at the Federal level. This will happen and more than likely soon. And people worry about civil war in Iraq...
If we did something like you mentioned, would we be terrorist? Most likely.

Jeez, I would hope not! If it were discovered that you were giving money to minors--encouraging them to leave their families--or some such, then you'd probably in violation of some law. But adults? Damn well better not be an issue!

The larger issue might be that encouraging people to flee repressive states encourages further division in the US and in the "winner-take-all" system of presidential elections, helps blue-staters not at all.
Just as an aside, does anyone know if there is a lesbian film equivalent to Brokeback? Is so, what would it be called - Deep Valley?

As I was trotting the kids around to one of the neighborhood playgrounds this AM, I noticed that I was the only father on the playground - subsequently, when I went to try to use the restroom, I found only the women's room unlocked. When I asked an attendent if they could unlock the gents, I said, "Hey, if you are doing this for International Women's Day, I understand." She let me in the gents. I said thanks, but we both had a laugh.

I suppose the way I celebrated IWD is by doing "women's" work. Along with the rest of them - most women don't get any kind of break at all. Why is that?
Locked! Thats a statement, eh?
Kvatch, why does this post remind me of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale? I hadn't thought of the connection before. Shuddering now.

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