Bring The Army Men Home

Jay at Lassiter Space has cooked up a pretty good war protest. He suggests that everyone take those little plastic army men that most of us played with as kids and attach tiny masking-tape banners to their bases that say, "Bring me home." Then leave them anywhere...everywhere; mass-transit; groceries; pharmacies; offices; wherever.

I like it!


Excellent idea. Hey, maybe you could sell them on eBay!
I love it.
Oh and I love your post about it too. So much in fact I am adding your post and a link to it on my site. :-)
There's a group in upstate New York doing this, Kvatch. Not sure when they started. On Long Island there is a man who puts them on tree stumps. I like the idea.
First, Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed your party, but if I had been there I would have probably spilled my drink on someone. I can be a klutz.

The toy soldiers idea works for me. Now do they still make them and where do you buy them?
Ooh, I like that!

Pissed off Patricia, that Ace Hardware/5 & 10 in Laurel Village would be a good bet. I think I've seen them at some Walgreens, too.
Thanks Patricia. We'll lift one in your honor at the BARBARians on Wednesday (You're not local, right? East or Gulf Coast, I'd guess from your latest post).

Tom, If you find 'em and bring a bag I'll buy one off of you.
I'll see what I can find.
Great idea.
I like the idea for two reasons. One, it's just cool. And two, it would be a good excuse to get rid of a bucket of 'em because I'm sick of stepping on them in my bare feet in the dark. They hurt!
The Kvatch Battalion is ready to report for duty on Wednesday, General Kvatch.
The Kvatch Battalion is ready to report for duty on Wednesday, General Kvatch.

Well done soldier! Your general thanks you. America thanks you. Rex Kramer might even thank...well ok...forget that.
I think that is a fantastic idea. Esp. for those of us in big cities. I'm in L.A. though - nearly everyone already agrees with that.
We're not just going to talk about it, we're going to do it. BARBARians meet tonight to plan strategy.

Watch this space for more.

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