Ban RU-486? Hell no! Ban pregnancy...and Denny's.

7 deaths in 5 years. 7! Not a hundred or a thousand but 7, and with the two most recent, the uproar over RU-486 has reignited. Opponents of the so-called "morning-after pill" are calling for it's removal from the market.

But the statistics simply don't back up the opponent's arguments. As Binky points out in an excellent post at Bloodless Coup, if the goal is to mitigate women's health risks, then pregnancy should be first to go. Or...if you're interested reducing deaths per instance of usage, then we should probably do away with Viagra before we get rid of RU-486. And finally, if the goal is to reduce deaths per unit time, then I'd recommend banning eating in Denny's since 4 people have died over 3 days in 3 separate shooting incidents at Denny's restaurants in Southern California.

No matter how you slice it, the opponents of RU-486 don't have a leg to stand on.


And while you are at it, let's ban Celebrity Marriages, Marriages between obese people, and ban Marriages smokers. All are bad for children, unlike Gay Marriages.
Your goal shall be daunting from its conception! :>) Uranium-235/plutonium-239
You don't understand kvatch, they need these babies to be born so they can go fight Bush's perpetual wars.
Why bother shooting people at Denny's? The food'll kill you.
How about banning cars, since most deaths are attributed to automobile accidents than the other three examples combined?
...we should probably do away with Viagra

Hey! Watch it...
...they need these babies to be born so they can go fight Bush's perpetual wars.

...and to work in Denny's.

Ron, I'm all for banning cars. Freakin' dangerous form of transportation, and while we're at it we probably need to ban Amtrack a well. Damn trains are going off the tracks on an almost daily basis.
And think of all the unplanned pregnancies that would be prevented once there are no longer any back seats!
And Vioxx killed over 25,000... hmmmm... I do believe it's been put back on the market!
Kira, welcome. You're right, backseats aren't good for anything but "the devil's business".

Helen...Yeah Vioxx was a tragedy, but oddly some users are really bitter that it's gone because it was so damn effective. My mother was on Vioxx and now can find a substitute that does as good a job. Strange...
Fun with statistics! Yeah!

Not to sound like a nerd, but everyone should be required to take a statistics course (or two) in their lifetime. Then the average Joe (or Jane) will be able to understand the concept of "statistical insignificance."
"Statistical insignficance" seems insignificant until you're the one who becomes statistically insignificant. Then, it's like, what the frack?
That's kind of optimistic, Anita. I'll settle for not having to explain to /college graduates/ why an insta-poll on cnn.com or msnbc doesn't mean jack.
Very true, but, you're still working in the "reality based" world. What matters is that through political pressure on the administration, the anti486 crowd can get the FDA to alter policy regardless of the facts.

...the anti486 crowd can get the FDA to alter policy regardless of the facts.

Mike's right, and this is what we need to guard against. Along with contraceptives, the options for terminating a pregnancy continue to narrow.

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