Warrantless wiretapping? - Don't sue the feds. Sue the telcos!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T in San Francisco federal district court alleging that the telco illegally cooperated with the National Security Agency's secret eavesdropping program in violation of the privacy rights found in the U.S. Constitution and federal wiretapping laws.

This is smart, smart, smart because unlike the ACLU's suit against the federal government, this will hit right where it hurts, in the pocketbook of a huge Republican corporate donor. Though Bu$hCo will almost certainly try to quash this suit using the state secrets privilege, the negative publicity coupled with the specter of damages in the billions (with a capital "B"), will force the telco to pressure the administration to end the surveillance. AT&T will scream, and Bush will listen.

So now the question is: What about Verizon, Quest, and BellSouth?


"So now the question is: What about Verizon, Quest, and BellSouth?"

Are you serious?!? Have you ever TRIED to get their customer service people to answer the phone?!?

Didn't the President ask us last night that it's irresponsible to question the past? Let's just move on America!

Besides lawsuits are frivolous!

Killing all the Lawyers,

Ignore Rex. I love the smell of litigation in the morning!!!!!!
Ignore Rex. I love the smell of litigation in the morning!!!!!!

Rex is a delight. Always there to keep us on the straight, narrow, and patriotic. ;-)

BTW, I see you've had a gender change. Woman trapped in a man's body?
There has to be a ton of lawsuits on this spying..fill the courts..design a logjam..keep it in front of the public..till their eyes glaze over.

As long as there are barristers there will be lawsuits..by the suits againsts the suits.

Just give me a few good ol fashioned sit-ins..

but then....its not PC to do that anymore I guess.

I used the SOTU as an opportunity to play a drinking game..each time the Repubes stood up..we did a half shot of B and B..when both sides applauded and gave that jackass a standing "O" we did a whole shot..kept me from shooting the TV..in the memory of Elvis of course...
Where is Sam Erwin when we really need him?

I think that is the real answer to all this crap.
That's why Bush passed that 'frivolous lawsuit' legislation, isn't it? To protect AT&T? They'll just toss it out with the trash.
Kick them where it hurts, right in the coin purse.
That's a good strategy, to go after the telcos for illegally providing Dumbya and his minions with access to phone systems. Given all the money involved, and surely given the amount of money those companies would contribute to the GOP, it would be great to see the telcos forced to use their money to defend themselves rather than using it for contributions to neoconservative candidates. This is an especially wise "strategery" while we still have a legal system in the U.S.

Also, in response to Dusty, we should have sit-ins. Sit-ins may be illegal soon, so let's have them while we still can! Same with name-calling... it may even become illegal to say things critical of Dumbya.

Let's not let that happen. Let's kick him out of the White House and keep him from repealing the 22nd amendment.

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