Spineless Lawmakers Cave on Warrantless Surveillance

In a one-two punch that shows how spineless our lawmakers really are, both the House and Senate have decided to cave to Bush administration demands that illegal surveillance not be investigated.

First up the Senate yesterday decided not to investigate the NSA wiretapping authorization. And what prompted this reversal? According to WaPo merely the Bu$hCo's signaling that it wouldn't make key witnesses available for testimony. But that's not all. Apparently, the Senate is also going to take up the issue of gutting FISA in order to give administration actions legitimacy after the fact, courtesy of Mike DeWine (R. OH).

Next, the House announces that will open it's own probe, and not to be outdone in cravenness by their Senate colleagues, Peter Hoekstra (R. MI) the Intelligence Committee chair, insisted that the probe would be, "...limited in scope, focusing on whether federal surveillance laws needed to be changed and not on the eavesdropping program itself."

So with the exception of one Federal judge that insisted that information about the program be released, the other branches of government are rushing to abdicate their responsibilities. The executive will break the law. The Justice Department will seek out and try the whistle-blowers. The legislative will cover for the executive, and unlike Watergate, this will all happen in full view of the public.

This is what our nation has been reduced to.

HT to Mikevotes at BATCotE for the head's up on the Senate's dropping the ball.


Yes, transparency is good, it helps to see the rats that chew our toes by daylight even though we have no intention of shaking the little bastards off.
One day, the people will hopefully stand up to having the wool pulled over their eyes
I love how the whole government is together on this..every branch is full of Repube lovers that are more than willing to toss our freedoms under the bus so that the Shrub,Rummy and Tricky Dick get what they want..total power for the Executive Office..

It just makes me smile..whilst holding a small pistol to my forehead.
As I said on BATCotE, the message for the midterms should be simple:

- Bu$hCo breaks the law and admits that it will continue to break the law.
- Republicans, who do not believe in the rule of law, cover for the President and refuse to investigate.
One wonders what kind of information Bush picked up on members of Congress during his illegal wiretapping and is using as blackmail against them.
Amazing, isn't it? Instead of investigating the wiretapping, they're going to investigate whether to weaken FISA.

You have to admire gall like that.
They attributed the shift to last week's closed briefings given by top administration officials to the full House and Senate intelligence committees, and to private appeals to wavering GOP senators by officials, including Vice President Cheney.

He must have threatened to take them "hunting."
So the ball-less the drop the ball...not shocked at all...sad , so sad...

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