Shameless Self-Promotion

Allow me to wallow in a little self-indulgence today, if you will; you see, it's a rather momentous day on the Generik Calendar. It's a day that I celebrate in one fashion or another every year, owing simply to the random fact that, many, many years ago, when I was quite young, my mother chose this particular day to introduce me to the outside world. This day is especially significant because the celebration comes on a Saturday (and a beautiful one in San Francisco, at that), it is the same day as the Chinese New Year parade (Gung Hay Fat Chance), and there's a zero at the end of my ring-count now. If you have any interest in reflections and such-like, check out the piece I posted over at my regular place about this spatial day in my life.

"Put another candle on my birthday cake, I'm another year old today." 500 Generik Points if you get that reference without having to look it up (or having seen it ahead of time). You have to be Of A Certain Age and have lived in A Certain Place at A Certain Time to know where that comes from. Bonus points if you can sing the whole song, and my undying respect and admiration if you can play the swingin' clarinet solo that accompanies it.

Here's to me. Yea. Hurray.


Is it happy or crappy birthday to you, KVatch? I suggest happy is more optimistic. Blog on either way.
Actually it's Generik's, our guest blogger's, birthday. My birthday is next month, but I'll make sure Generik get's the word.
Happy birthday Generik from one AARP member to another!
Geez..talk about AARP member..you had to bring that up did ya kathy? The ball and chain got me a membership when I qualified.and gave it to me as a sick birthday present!

Happy birthday Generik :)
Happy Birthday from Ann (aka granny) at isamericaburning.

I just noticed your comment or I would have been here sooner.

AARP? I'm almost a charter member. Well, not quite but I've been around a little longer than you.
Thanks all, the day (and especially the evening) turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. I appreciate all the good wishes sent my way.

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