Serious Presidential Questions

At Lose the Noose they're blogging about who was the ugliest president, and here at Blognonymous we wanted to know why only crusty Presbyterians get seem to get elected. Well and good.

But Windspike of Educational Whisper has the real question: Who's your favorite President and why? Just like those essays back in school. Think about it, and give him a response.

My response was Harry Truman.


Clinton, of course...

Thanks for the props. By the way, I think the best answer I've gotten so far was Pissed off Patricia's answer I think. Who ever is able to clean up after Shrub. That's a large expectation to live up to no?>
Windspike...it was my pleasure. After all of the ragging the rest of us were doing on President's day. I thought getting a little more traffic on your post might be a good way to end the day.

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