Separated at Birth? You Decide

George 'Il Duce' BushIl Duce

(Gratefully filched from The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks)


There's nothin' like a good martial plan to move a country toward solid conservative values, eh?
That's great! Could we call it, "The Martial Plan". Bwahahahahah!!!

(BTW: I did change the post. Though I think that The Heritik's "Il Douche Bag" is as funny as sin, I just concluded that it was a little low-brow.)
Nice visual of two arrogant bastards separated at birth. But I doubt W is competent enough even to make the trains run on time.
Mussolini has a bit more nobility in his arrogance than Bush's. other than that, then yes, they could be twins.
To be fair, W has yet to give himself any medals. Maybe Laura will lift a few in Torino for him.
I still think Jeb's grimace outdoes them all...
Hey, isn't he in Rex's neighborhood?
Thank you for going over and assisting with the Troll Thwacking over at Grannies - you did an awesome job....wow quoting the cases to him and everything- my hat is off to you...way to go..

(Il Douche Bag is not low brow- at this point it is almost tooooo complimentary....what the WH needs is an Enema...)
My pleasure.

Regarding Heretik's comment (the one I used for the caption initially)...it was more the fact that it wasn't what I wanted people to focus on. The juxtaposition of Bush with Il Duce was more poingant, and I didn't want to distract from that, funny as Heretik's name is.
Far be it from us to be low brow... especially you, kvatch.
Except the first guy looks at least a bit regal, where the shrub looks like a pouting brat who didn't get his way.
I'm shocked and offended with your comparison of George W. Bush (may heaven shine upon his name) and Il Duce! George has much better fashion sense. Sheesh!
Pass the Il Duce on the left hand side... or is it the right hand side? I can never remember.
epm, I have to agree with Helen. Look at Il Duce's punim? What a jaw! And you can hardly go wrong with medals and big leather strappy things.
I was being ironic.... as if the only difference between the two was a matter of fashion.

Actually, isn't a $3,000 business suit the uniform of today's "generals" in the ownership society?
oh! very good, very good!

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