Secure Flight Suspended For Being Insecure

After 4 years of work and 150 million dollars, TSA's Secure Flight program is being scrapped, and TSA is going back to the drawing board.

Secure Flight, for those of you who don't follow the daily twists of the Transportation Safety administration, is the government's attempt to take over "no-fly" checks (from the airlines) and to gather enough information so that every single flying passenger can be accurately assessed. But after being upbraided for gathering personal information that they weren't allowed to have, auditors found that TSA's system could be...hacked!

If you need a better bead on my opinion of intrusive government databases, their usefulness, and their dangers, read this or this, but suffice to say TSA might want to stick to guidance and leave the actual checks to the airlines.


Sigh...sometimes I think the Keystone Kops are running this country.
You know. I started to write a really long comment, and I just deleted it all.

Fuck it.

That's almost all I have to say about the situation anymore.

Just fuck it.

What the hell are we doing?

- Diane
With apologies for cursing
Sorry Diane, if you spend any time around here, you'll find that I've got a real bug for the privacy issues. Did I just over do it?

And BTW, the cursing is OK.

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