Reclassification - What's It For?

The MSM and blogsphere are abuzz with news about the reclassification of decades old documents that don't appear to be sensitive and which have no value other than their historical significance.

I'm not going to cover this issue here. Many blogs are hashing out the ramifications, but what I want to know is why? Reclassification is an expensive process, and even once it's done many of these documents are in the public domain already. Finding them, controlling them, or destroying them will be virtually impossible. So, again...why?

I can think of two possible reasons. The paranoid consipiracist in me might see an attempt to smear some good people by catching them with newly reclassified information, but that's probably far fetched. More likely I think, is an administration attempt to do away with information that could be used as a basis for challenging Bu$hCo's unilateral attempt to grab as much power for the executive as possible.


I think Bush and Cheney like to keep everything secret, and ran out pf stuff to keep secret, so they said, Hey, lets make all this stuff that isn't a secret anymore a secret again! That way when we are asked, we can say sssshhh! It's a secret.
Yah never know about this remember the "Historical" document about Al-Qeada?
Yah never know about this remember the "Historical" document about Al-Qeada?
I read somewhere that it was cold war tidbits and such that were slightly embarrassing to our imperialistic push for democracy. If this is even part of the case, it would be logical that the neocons would want to stike that from the record since a prime basis of spreading democracy is central to their beliefs. This project was carried over from Clinton and expanded in Bushji's first term, when they thought they had an easy war to win and all the power of controlling the middle east within their grasp...

The best laid plans of mice and men...

- fc ( fatcat politics )
Does this mean we're finally going to find out who shot JFK?!
many of these documents are in the public domain already

And as the saying goes, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Abi, you've got that right! Re-classification is a bitch.

FC, Crackpot, I imagine that there's tons of embarassing stuff that the adminstration wishes they could reclassify if they could just find it.
I find the whole story to be totally consistent with the Buscho MO. So what is new? Its your tax dollars at work.
Wasn't Carter trying to declassify many of these documents, and wasn't he thwarted?

We'll finally find out who shot JR???? You mean it wasn't Miss Elly?

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