Random 10 from the flyPod

What does a frog listen to at work on a Friday afternoon?

1. Vangelis - "Main Titles", Blade Runner Soundtrack
2. John Lee Hooker - "That's Alright", The Healer
3. Icehouse - "Hey Little Girl", Primitive Man
4. Hooverphonic - "Out of Time", Blue Wonder Power Milk
5. Kevin Volans / Kronos Quartet - "White Man Sleeps #5", Pieces of Africa
6. Santana - "Evil Ways", The Best of Santana
7. Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins, "Mighty Crazy", The Best of Lightnin' Hopkins
8. Depeche Mode, "The Love Thieves", Ultra
9. Man or Astro-man! - "Clean Up In Aisle #9", Is It...Man, or Astro-man!
10. Neil Finn - "Twisty Bass", Try Whistling This


This old croaker has only heard of 2 of these groups.

Man, I'm gonna be depressed all weekend...
Abi, I have eclectic tastes. Course, that's the charitable way of putting it--others have said "bizarre".
Hey frog, we should mp3 swap sometime...
I just have to say the Blade Runner sountrack is something else. It's still blazingly brilliant.

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