Just trying to help a brother out here -- a notice is up on Nor-Cal Politics about a Youth Event coming up Feb. 16 across the bay in Oaktown that some of you out there may or may not be interested in. It's a panel discussion presented by the Action Caucus and East Bay Young Democrats, focusing on organizing youth and fighting for their rights, and will feature star of the blogosphere (and East Bay resident) Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. Check out the Nor-Cal post for more information.


Star of the Blogosphere. Maybe Kos should have done the democratic rebuttal.

I haven't read DK in months, its too intense. Best of luck with your shindig, Generik.
I'm sorry, I'm not privy to the cloistered world of California liberalism, so humor me...is Markos Moulitsas Zuniga in any way related to Daphne Zuniga (of Spaceballs and Melrose Place fame?)

If so, as a dedicated patriot I'm somewhat disgusted in myself in that I had the hots for her back in the 80's.
Aw, Rex would probably blow a gasket at Daily Kos.
Thanks, lily, but it ain't my shindig; I'm just passing the information along.

As for Markos and Daphne... sheesh, I don't know! I know I had the hots for her at one time myself, but I don't think I ever had the hots for him. And I've never blown a gasket, figuratively or otherwise.

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