Promoting Democracy in Iran With Diebold

Crackpot Press turns us on to the government's new program to promote democracy (?) in Iran. Yes indeed, a $75 million investment in broadcasts and aid to dissidents.

Does this remind anyone of our recent $2 million investment in getting Fatah reelected in the Palestinian Territories? And we all recall how well that went. So maybe with Iran we should consider something a bit different. How about shipping them 10,000 or so Diebold voting machines?

"Sons of the Prophet! Arnold Schwarzenegger has been elected Supreme Head of the Clerical Council?!"


Can there be any doubt that the U.S. is gearing up for a war in Iran?

What AJ said.

Condi and Rumy have been cracking the can-o-whupass repeatedly over the last couple of weeks--all while Bush repeats how we plan to work through the UN. That's a sure sign that we're gonna do something. The sequence is virtually the same as the run up to the Iraq war.
Wanna place bets on how many resolutions we discredit and/or are ignored?

How many resolutions do we have for the Sudan? Why do we play with the UN but seemingly fail to acknowledge their legitimacy, and then when we call on them for credibility, we once again can criticize them for not having enforcement clout...its so circular...

A new contest for Blognonymous? Resolutions? Predictions? Let's play the UN Wheel of MisFortune!!!!
Well, they have to start a new war to take the world's eyes off the one that has gone to hell in Iraq. Seems they start wars, they screw them up, never finish them, and move on to the next one. And we have three more years of this insanity. Who the hell would want to be president in 08? How in the world do you deal with the disasters these guys are going to leave behind as they ride off into the sunset in Texas?

Did you get my lottery ticket yet?

Hurry up, dammit!
A new contest for Blognonymous? Resolutions? Predictions? Let's play the UN Wheel of MisFortune!!!!

Lily, it's your's to promote. Surprise!!! Check your email.
All you guys are so full of doom and gloom... sigh... but heh... how could anyone who's paying attention not be? So, in that vein, I will blabber aimlessly for a bit and make believe I'm some kind of Swami with my predictions of agonies and various miseries to come.

I'm guessing now that the democratic Iraq has its democratically-elected democratic government, it can democratically tell us it doesn't want our democratic country's troops there anymore, and that can be Bu$hCo's excuse to at least cut our troop numbers fairly drastically. We would leave enough troops behind to staff the 12 or 14 permanent bases we have built there, and that will be a bone of contention with the Iraqis and the rest of the world, but that's the price THEY pay for having OUR system of government FORCED on them.

Once BushCo has freed up about 100,000 troops by October, they can say the war is over and the troops have come home, so that way the GOP will win the November elections because they'll convince a whole slug of vegetative Americans that they have preserved freedom for us here at home... by invading, wrecking and occupying a country that didn't really ever pose a threat before bringing home about 75% of our troops stationed there because the occuppees asked us to. So that way, the US looks considerate, and appears like Good Guys. Most folks won't pay attention to anything but the overuse of "9-11", "terror", "freedom", "Democracy" and the wholly vile "NUKULAR" in all Republican speeches.

Once we have those 100,000 troops freed up and it's after the first Tuesday in November with the GOP firmly in control for at least another two years, we can expect Bush/Cheney to start softening up Tehran with some shock and awe. That won't get them to fall to their knees in a shaking state of fear, it will only cause them to show defiance... so then Dumbya the Dumb will order more bombing. About 3/4 of the troops that came home will be re-deployed when it becomes evident we need to sacrifice them to the angry gods of corporate consumption and GOP fear-based politicking for 2008. The neocons will convince vast ruminating herds of Americans that the draft needs to be reinstated so we can raise an army of 500,000 youngsters to hastily train and inadequately prepare for the Iran effort. The horrific loss of life will be o.k. because it will be for the fight against the non-Christian enemy.

Anyway, we'll be out of one war that will have been declared a smashing success enough times that most Americans will believe that assessment to be the truth, and we'll be into another endeavor that will be portrayed as necessary and successful. The American people will be philosophically filleted into fearing that Fearless Leader's flagrant folderol about "God tol' me t' do it" is for real.

One problem is that Iran is about the size of Alaska, or is it Alaska, Texas and Montana combined?

Another problem is that the Iranian leader whose name I will probably never be able to prounounce or spell (mainly because I don't care enough to learn how!) is much more popular among Iranians than Saddam Hussein was among Iraqis. Rather than being greeted as "liberators" (I've heard so many times that's how we were greeted in Iraq that it MUST be true) the Iranian people will greet our troops with a hearty "up yours!" and lots of higher-tech weaponry than Iraq had.

Now that the UN has said the US needs to shut down the Gitmo prison, we will hear all kinds of UN-bashing. The words "irresponsible" and "irrelevant" will be thrown about freely, and Kofi Annan will be roundly ridiculed as an international doofus of the highest New World Order. Scheise... Right when we're preparing for all this Iran stuff, we will go and alienate the rest of the world even further. Mother Mary and Jozuf!!! In regard to Bush, about all I have to say anymore is...

Another day, another dullard.

No, I'm not on drugs, I just write and talk that way. I only indulge in a good stout of three once in a while, and when a do that, I avoid the computer.
...the Iranian people will greet our troops with a hearty "up yours!" and lots of higher-tech weaponry than Iraq had.

Not so, I think...oh Swami Snave (say that five times fast.

But nevertheless your analysis is correct, delta two unpleasant facts. First, though they don't have as much hi-tech weaponry, what they do have is people--'bout 4 times the population of Iraq (in addition to, as you pointed out, over three times the terrority). Second, we're going to have to deal with a well-armed, nasty, hell-bent to kill us, insurgency in our rear as soon as we head into Iran.

Not a pretty picture.
Behold, the alliterative swami snave.

Kvatch, I don't want to be unkind, but it would take too long to play the 'guess the resolution count' game. But I think there are some better ones.

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