The Postman Always Sees 'Em First

Netflix subscriber? Yeah, me too. Cool service, huh?

But have you ever had a movie just go missing and then, 3 maybe 4 days later, suddenly disappear from your rental list as if it had been returned. What about the movie that shows up late in a torn package. You say to yourself, "Well, they ship hundreds of thousands of these things per day. The USPS is bound to screw a few up." Right?

WRONG!!!! Read this from New York Magazine, A Stranger In Your Queue


I used to have the same experience with Blockbuster. Getting rental movies like that was great. But then I got this blog jones.
Wow Kvatch just read that article. I'm not big on television so I thought about netflix recently (stop reading blogs, and watch movies?) But you know what? I wouldn't care if my mail person watched a few. Hell with the corporate gig.
To 'Hell with the corporate gig'?????
How can you afford Hagan Daaz Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice cream with that attitude?

Hey guys, what's up with the duel? Did y'all *chicken* out? K, I left a suggestion in your mail.
Don't do much movie watching so I'm clueless here.
Wow, Kvetch,

You get comments from Patricia aka Blondesense???!

Now Im really impressed!
Patricia, welcome. I think that the crux of the issue is that Netflix is a wonderful system that is really...really...really ripe for abuse.

Lily, I hear ya, but when you're waiting for a particular movie, and you know it's been shipped because Netflix told you so...you get a little pissed off when it never comes and shows up back at Netflix 5 days later. This actually happened to the frogette and I. We reported a movie "lost in the mail" and were sort of embarassed when it got back to the Netflix depot a few days later.

Course, our postal carrier is an idiot. He delivers whole bundes of mail to the wrong building.
Oh my god, that is so funny you posted this because this never even occured to me! But the other day I got a movie and it was ripped completely open but I didn't think anything of it but now you bring this up it makes perfect sense!

I bet the postman (postperson?) was pissed when they found a documentary of 'The Hunting of the President'! Heh.

yeah, I'm just that boring
'The Hunting of the President'!

Stacy, this is what you rent from Netflix! OK, it's time for an intervention.

She should not have an intervention...no way....

- great flick....we should send popcorn...

I had one go missing. Fortunately Netflix is good about letting you off the hook if you report it early enough. They say they investigate, but my bet is they have insurance to cover those kinds of losses.

By the way, I mention Netflix today in my first ever homework assignment for bloggers today. Have a gander:
I had one go missing. Fortunately Netflix is good about letting you off the hook if you report it early enough.

Up until you have "too many" go missing, then they suspend you. At least, that's what their web-site says.
Hey did you know Netflix is in league with WALMART?? I quit using 'em.

Also, I got a few busted ones and was like 3/4 of the way through a movie and it stopped. It's not like you can run it back to the store! The longer they are in business, the older and more shitty the condition of the DVDs...

My friend got one cracked in 2. They don't even put them in protective wrapping!

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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