A Plague On All Acronyms In TUS

On a bright sunny day the POTUS
Went for a talk with the SCOTUS.
Said he... I'm inhibited.
My powers? Too limited.
Now git about changing the COTUS.


Cotus, interruptus, for POTUS!

But the better question might be: which will create the tautology?
Lilly beat me to my comment - nice limerick.
that's brilliant. I'm so impressed!
LiLy, yup, I even tried to work in COiTUS, but it just threw everything off.

Helen, Windspike...thanks!

Hey AJ, I know we didn't officially declare the duel but how about a return shot?
COTUS, Is that Ann Coulter?
Cute! Tragic...but cute.
We checked with Alberto Gonzalez and count out that call on the SCOTUS was merely a courtesy call, the president has the power to change the COTUS all by himself. He and his lawyers have reviewed it and they are withing their rights. When asked, Bill Frist emphatically agreed. Immediately after providing that answer he resumed work doing on camera diagnosees.
Gonzo, Scrotus Interruptus.

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