On Betty Friedan's Passing

I had thought about writing something about the death of Betty Friedan, activist, pioneering feminist, and founding member of the National Organization for Women. But having been only wee tadpole during the her most active years, I didn't feel up to the task.

Well, I didn't have to. Dusty of It's My Right to be Left of Center, said all that I would have and more.


Its Dusty..jeez..
Whoops! Sorry--serves me right for not proof-reading more carefully.


Did we miss something funny? Like the time I wrote LEWD instead of Lew???? I left it. Screw him.

Going to Dusty's. Thanks Kvatch.
Sure did. I wrote "Rusty" instead of "Dusty" originally. So much for proof-reading.
LOL..tis no problemo Kvatch..I found it amusing..MY first spotlight on someone's blog..and my name is wrong..I howled when I saw it. Thanks again Kvatch :)
Well kvatch you need to make amends and spotlight Dusty more often.

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