No Accountability

Lying, spying, denying; torturing people, often for no good reason; starting wars without provocation or cause; digging the country into the biggest economic hole ever seen in the history of America; compromising national security purely for partisan and ideological reasons; bungling emergency responses to the point of criminal negligence; and now, shooting lawyers in Texas without a game stamp: Is there anything that the members of this maladministration can't get away with? They're like Super-Teflon. Nothing sticks, nothing ends up hurting them or even making any person within six degrees of the Preznit or his Major Vice accountable.

Right now there is a bit of noise by some of the members of the Preznit's own party about the NSA flap, and about the response to Hurricane Katrina, but you can bet that in the end it will all turn out to be nothing but smoke and bluster. He'll skate. They'll all skate. There will be some concerned tut-tutting, a few very stern harrumphs, and then it'll be business as usual again. Keep moving, people, nothing to see here.

As for Deadeye Dick, he can shoot a guy, not report the incident for a day, clam up about it when questioned and then ultimately shrug his shoulders and say, "What?" The press and the law and the American people will all reply, "Uh... nothing." And that will be that.

(And now the Designated Decoy has suffered a heart attack -- hearing that, the Veep just grinned and said, "Laugh it off, pal, that's how I handle 'em." Maybe if Chickenhawk Cheney had ever served in the military, he'd know how to handle a gun... just a thought.)

It gets so frustrating seeing these guys blatantly breaking the law and getting away with it. My personal outrage meter has been running in the red for so long I don't know what just plain old anger feels like. The hubris, the arrogance, the impunity with which they operate is staggering; and the fact that so many millions of Americans aren't upset by their actions -- defend them, even! -- is the most frustrating of all.

If George Bush were to attack and rape an elderly nun on the steps of the Capitol building, in full view of Congress, the press and the public, there would be a huge outcry among these people, and it would sound like this: "What is that horrible woman doing to our beloved president?!?"



OK, then Kvatch didn't take the bait.

In all seriousness, I enjoy listening to everyone here, and other blogs, rant and rave about what is going on in our government.
It tickles me silly to realize, although once a voting & proud republican, I feel much closer to home with you and other blogs;nice folks-the active liberal left.
At least there is a modicum of humanity left in America, that is not blinded by biblical mandates or blind patriotic loyalty.
The reason that Rex Kramer, Dude and others are so damn funny to me is because they are keenly aware of what is going on and with the total absurdity in it. I marvel at their talent to put something this serious in terms we can smile about.
That said, I really have to wonder how many of you really
know the seriousness of the times. I hear talk all day long about the, shall we say, "integrity"
of our government and the actions they permit, or withhold.

In all seriousness, I ask you: Have the facts in the Kean Commission Report been addressed to your satisfaction?
If they have, then you have a few surprises in store.
If they haven't then you & I are on the same page. The same page as Perkin, Ruppert and Chalmers Johnson.

If it is true that 911 was orchestrated, or even if the danger was only ignored-the ramifications of that truth are shocking and horrendous.
These boys have been playing to win, now they are playing for keeps.
If they can kill over 3000 of our countrymen&women then lie about it-what do you suppose would stop them from something else?

There is a point of "No Return", and that point has been reached.

Worried about the deficit? Trying to vote a good Democrat in office in hopes to change the world?
I do not see many leaders in Congress or the Senate today, when it matters most, raising their voices in condemnation of the actions and omissions of those in power. Why not? Have they been "compromised"? Blackmailed? Or perhaps they are just afraid, because they KNOW what is going on, and know people who have tried to stop it have woke up dead. There seems to be quite a few of those lately.
The stakes are high, and 'they' are calling in all their chips.
They were truthful in one respect however: This will be a long, long war, and it could be brought home again to our homeland.
It seems as if they are preparing for this with the rise in prisons currently being constructed all throughout America-land of the brave-home of the free.

And there is NOTHING you or I can do about it.They know this and are laughing in your face. Can't you hear them?
Nothing diplomatic,

Except pray to whatever Gods you have. And hope.

the last part should have been:

"Nothing diplomatic,

and pray......
I find that sometimes a well-timed harrumph can be as effective as, oh, say, torture. In fact, harrumphing has been added to the approved methods of terrorist interrogations.
I hear you, AJ. Loud and clear. I have always been of a liberal mindset, but still, 9-11 rattled me and stirred something up in me that changed the way I viewed my country. At first I accepted it- accepted the story, the explanations. It honestly did not occur to me with my naive mindset that there were things that did not sit right. Then over the years, I started reading-not crazy conspiracies, but information from scientists, people whose testimony was suppressed. And I guess I grew more and more horrified. It seems I've been horrified ever since, really. Its true- the questions become about what ELSE they are capable of. What is the truth? Why do we not have more transparency? Why don't we fight for that? For declassification, for freedom of information, for hearings and inquiries that actually mean something?
You are not meaning to insinuate that our dear leader may have done something wrong are you? I've heard these sly inuendoes and whisper campaigns before. You know if you have something to say then you'd think you'd see it in the mainstream press and they would pick up and hold the miscreants accountable. But quite obviously since this has not occurred you are merely peddling a devious plot to undermine the authority of this president and his faithful servants.
Nest thing you know you will want to convince me that he would try to undermine the democratic process if he did not like the outcome of an election like lets say if Hamas would have won in the Palestinian elections. Huh, our leader has more scrupples than than, he cherishes the democratic process and democratic institutions. Heck, after realizing that the Iraqis had neither democratic processes nor democratic institutions our great leader set forth a campaign to remedy the situation. For most other leaders they would have waited for some more legitimate and substantial reason for invading another country. But not our fearless leader. He knew from the get go how important democracy and democratic institutions really were and he went about purusing those ends no matter what the cost. So let us not insinuate things that can not be supported.
I think I'm done with politics. I think I'll just get by on my white skin and uniform. Everytime I open my mouth it feels like I'm wasting my breath.
Yes, let us not insinuate! After all, the media are the watchdogs of the world.
I'm with Fred on this one.

It's exhausting being sane.
Worried about the deficit? Trying to vote a good Democrat in office in hopes to change the world?

Well...Clinton used the budget surplusses generated during his administration to pay down the national debt...twice. So, it can be done--it's more than just a hope.

Of course, you need the economy on your side as well, and Bu$hCo/Congressional bungling in that area pretty much precludes our seeing a surplus any time soon.
OK, then Kvatch didn't take the bait.

Actually AJ, I was out for a valentine's dinner. My response to your challenge is in the Big Oil post.

Prepare thyself oh blustery driver of oversized machinery.

I will claim your SUV, and then I will display its broken hull in the center of Babylon by the Bay. It will inspire us leftest, tree-hugging kooks for generations.

(Extra kudos if you can tell me where I filched that last sentence from.)

"...I will display its broken hull in the center of Babylon by the Bay.."

Dick Chenney cerca 2002 when he said we would be greated with flowers and laughter.

My SUV, in all its glory will, I assure you,remain parked lovingly in my driveway.See past post comment.

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