Multiple Wargasms

Lily at Lose the Noose is uncorked this morning, in the finest tradition of Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker. Go, read, enjoy!


Uncorked???? Has all the censorship and bitch slapping gone to your amphibious head?

I find the continued references to the purveyor and presider of Kramerica in my presence to be puzzling. Rex is just doing what I pay him to do at the TheocraticThinkTankByTheMouseHouse.

I shall challenge him to an American style duel in the tradition of corpocratocracy: a game of golf.

Whats your handicap, Ameri-con Idol???
Let's settle this, danger seeker. Let's hit the Fazio.

Hmmm...perhaps a poor choice of words but meant with the utmost in admiration, nontheless.

We frogs are rarely able to work up such an excellent level of political snark so early in the morning--have to suck on the brackish political pond water for a bit.
I accept your apology.:) I don't mean to offend early in the morning, but you have to understand, I mock everything. I even mock breakfast (sorry, my dear postum and oat bran goodness)It's really quite pathological...

Snark is my franchise, bitch is my brand.

Would they put that on a headstone?
Oh, my. That was good stuff. Thanks for leading us to the right location for fun and wargames.

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