More Music! Right Here, Right Now.

On your iPod, your stereo, your Walkman, or even your Victrola...what's playing in your space, right now! More, more more! Dazzle me, enlighten me, surprise me. No hedging. No waiting for the next song. You like The Monkeys? Fine! Well I dig The B'52's.

And what's playing in the Blognon-i-pad right now? John Lee Hooker's, The Complete 50's Chess Recordings

We're all familiar with John Lee Hooker's slow, gravelly voice--his aged voice. But these are the authentic thing from a totally different man--a young man just as his recordings were starting to get noticed. Chess Records was John Lee's home for 4 years in the early 50s, and these tracks, scratches and all, are some of the finest blues Hooker ever recorded.


At this current moment: The View, by Modest Mouse
Right now,

It's Mingus, baby, cut on shuffle with a little Cecil Taylor.

Big time mindblowing jazz.

Mingus! Ahhh... Ornette Coleman too, and don't forget Monk. Giants, GIANTS!

Time to switch the iPod over. Thanks, you've inspired me.
"New Morning," by Bob Dylan, on the iPod Nano.
The I-Pod is on my dream list, but here is what I am listening to.

Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie

Let Me Go - Three Doors Down

You and Me - Lifehouse

Be My Escape - Relient K

All These Things I Have Done - The Killers

Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan

Where I Go - Natalie Merchant.

Hookers In the Street - Otis Taylor

Everlong - Foo Fighters

And on and on
Want truth? Do you, Kvatch, with your umbrella and Bananarama? Thelonious Frog?
Frog judas.

I am listening to Phish again.

I have so much music I'm not even sure what I have anymore... ! Not that that's bad or anything!

The most recent CDs in my player are "Illinoise" by Sufjan Stevens, a 2-disc Joe Satriani anthology, several discs by Ozric Tentacles (it is said that if you own one of their discs, you own all their discs... it's true, to a point), "Stupid Dream" by Porcupine Tree, "Blackfield" by Blackfield, "Ghost Reveries" by Opeth, "Axes" by Electrelane, and my usual high doses of Guided By Voices and Warren Zevon.

As for my mp3 player, it has something like 6500 songs on it at the moment... lots of classic rock, but lots of recent stuff too.

Love that Death Cab song, Richm!

Zappa was a complete genius. If you get a chance to read "The Real Frank Zappa Book", go for it. If you like Frankie, it will prove to be amazing reading for you!
Porcupine Tree? Opeth? Snave you and I live in totally different worlds. I'm going to go off and find me some new stuff.

On Zappa... You know, I got to see The Yellow Shark played live by the Ensemble Modern conducted by John Adams about 6 months after Zappa's death. The G-Spot Tornado brought tears to my eyes, and when they were done, Adams turned to the crowd and asked, "Want to hear it again?" The crowd roared, and Ensemble Modern launched right into it. It was awesome!
Kvatch- you have changed your attire...a cane..nice touch...lost your umbrella didn't ya?....thought so....

Music: John Lee Hooker.....YAY....ipod for today: and this IS SO embarrassing....I am having an 80's Friday....DuranDuran...Thompson Twins....Bananarama...Paul Young...Simply Red.....

( let's hope I don't get trapped in the 80's....could make for a very long weekend...)
E4E! Glad you like the cane. As I said I'm going to be switching attire frequently.

Ah the 80's, my formative years musically. 82 - 86 in Austin: ZZ Top at Liberty Lunch, The Butthole Surfers in this ratty parking lot near campus. 86 - 91 in Minneapolis: The Wallets, Husker Du, getting thrown out of First Ave. by Prince and his entourage. What a decade.
The Butthole Surfers? Sounds like you need to talk to Lew! He has a Gibby story.
Currently playing in Drew's iTunes "Party Shuffle"

La Cerca, Sparta
Optimistic, Radiohead
Masters of War, Pearl Jam
Viva Las Vegas, Bruce Springsteen
Expo 86, Death Cab 4 Cutie
Shaking the Tree, Peter Gabriel Shiney Happy People, REM Original of the Species, U2
Jackson, Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Festive Overture, Santa Clara Vanguard Bring on the Dancing Horses, Echo and the Bunnymen
The Becoming, Nine Inch Nails
Setting Sun, The Chemical Bros
Times Like These, Jack Johnson
In The Wilderness, Genesis
Bulls on Parade, Rage Against The Machine
Von, Sigar Ros
Oh, you little frog you had to go mention Prince...now I will have to have some Purple Rain while I slog and type this weekend....( and you were removed from some premises- how intriguing ???....) and yes, I like the Cane...but Love the Top Hat...

Okay...I am feeling Un- American and Un-Patriotic- the Olympics are already getting on my nerves...so I am switching to Canadian Blend: Bare Naked Ladies and Tragically Hip for the Friday night tunes...And Satuday is going to be Dave Mattheews and Phish...( thank you Lilly for the idea...I have neglected them...)

Drew- you can DJ for me Anytime...very good tunes...must be an Ohio thing...
da blues..its my music and has been since I was a young tadpole..
...and you were removed from some premises- how intriguing ?

E4E, not just any place...First Avenue. The club from Purple Rain. When Prince wanted to tune his band (Revolution in the day, but New Power Generation later), he would come to First Ave. and have his body guards throw everyone out.

da blues..its my music and has been since I was a young tadpole.

Dusty, you were at tadpole? I thought you were a cat. Well, I you like the blues then you'll love this. Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton is playing right now--Hound Dog--not that terrible Elvis remake but the authentic thing.

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