Iraq - Nope, No Civil War Here

The Ruins of Sammara's 'Golden Mosque'

This is one of those horrific moments where I get to say,
"I told you so" and then immediately feel bad about it.

(Update 2006/02/23)

It's getting bloodier. 138 Sunni's dead in reprisals; Many mosques in the Sunni Triangle, attacked; The Sunni have suspended talks with the Shiite and Kurds, the goal of which would have been a unification government.

I give it two months before the Kurds break off and seal their borders.

And BTW...go and read Robot Buddha's excellent post on the subject.


What a tragedy. Such a beautiful thing. Gives new meaning to O'Hara's 'Appointment in Samarra', doesn't it?
Funny you should mention that...I just came over to blog whore about my post on the very subject. We booked Death's Appointment at Samarra for him.
Remember when the talliban were blowing up the big monuments in Afghanistan? These extremists aren't about anything if they are not about destruction.
RB...ah... didn't get the reference until I checked out your post. Thanks for the link.

The thing that I find most tragic is that, as Windspike points out, they're destroying their own history to incite this war, and if it really is the Sunnis, they're signing their own death warrants.

O'Hara's Appointment indeed.
Bush has promised America will rebuild this Shiite mosque. No word on whether Santa Bush will spend American dollars to rebuild the Sunni mosques destroyed in reprisal attacks...
Maybe they'll use there $1B USAID "outsource the rebuilding initiative" to fund the reconstruction.
Yup. The least satisfying "I told you so" in the world.

Looks like the MSM is finally going to report that Iraq is in a civil war. About time.
OK. I'm going to apply for some of that $1B USAID money... Of course, to appear as a real player, I'll have to "misplace" at least 21% of any contract money I'm awarded.

I'll need a couple of partners and a cool, but nondescript, name like "DevCon Global Industries." So, who's with me?
Alot of get to say I told you so..like it does any good..

That region will never be calm..any country that is ruled by religion will always be a mess..
You would think that Iraqis being killed by Iraqis would have been called a civil war a while ago, but whatever I guess
You have an excellent blog, Helen. While I'm not an athiest I am at least an agnostic who likes to proclaim "I don't know and you don't either". I am also an animal nut and nature nut who likes to hike, go birdwatching, play musical instruments, and rant in a leftist manner. I will link your site. I found your place through one of my new favorites, Blognonymous.

You have some great visitors here. I love Starr's makeup, and RB, you make some wonderful insightful comments (plus you have a great blogname!)

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