In 2006, 70 Billion More for the War

Here it comes, another appropriation to fund ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. $70 Billion to be exact, on top of the $50 Billion already appropriated for FY 2006. That brings the estimated total spent this far to a staggering $320 Billion!

Just to give this some perspective: The 2006 war allocation represents 5% of the total US budget...that's 5% of 2.4 Trillion dollars. Bu$hCo has just requested an off-budget appropriation--essentially a loan--that amounts to 1/20th of every tax dollar that will be taken in by the Feds this year. Imagine how many real security initiatives or how much foreign intelligence could have been purchased for that amount.

Now think in terms of your own budget. Make $50,000? Then it's as if you just went to VISA and said, "give me $2,500 loan that my children will pay back on my behalf," and you've done this every year for the last 3. Or put another way, if you normally pay $10,000 in federal taxes, then $500.00 will go to fund the Iraq War. You paid that last year, and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that you'll continue paying that amount for at least another two years...maybe more.

Are you getting your money's worth? Do you feel safer?


I feel flabbergasted. Safe? Not so much so.
Remember when we were told that the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil? Wouldn't cost us a penny.

How many pennies in $320 billion?
I feel much safer now. Especially with the knowledge that Corporate America and six-figure CEO's like Lay & Skilling will be there to help us mortals pay it off sooner.
It would be unpatriotic to question authority. Except that even a highly motivated idiot is still an idiot. Why is it that we have to stay the course again? Is something just magically going to happen that makes this all worth while?
The rapture maybe?
Makes me glad I never had kids. At least I won't leave them a legacy of violence & debt.
That 120 billion is IN ADDITION to the 338 billion. That's what I read in the NYT. So it'll be close to 500 billion by the end of this year. And of course that won't be the end of it. And this is ON TOP of the half trillion dollar a year defense budget.
Right you are Neil. Thanks for the correction.
A trillion dollars to fatten the coifers of the war time profiteers? Sounds like a solid investment in the ownership society - Whelp, not really. Sounds more like piracy than commerce or war necessities to me.

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