Food For Thought - Arms Exports

Permanent Members of the UN Security Council

(Can you tell I watched Lord of War this last weekend?)
(Linked from the National Priorities Project, with permission.)


Hummm...some of the US's other fantastic exports is wartime training for folks like Bin Laden. How about them apples?
Ah the memories. When I was a boy they called it the military/industrial complex. Now they call it war on terrorism. Either way you need to have competitors to play, and someone has to use these wonderful, expensive toys to justify their manufacture.
Again I recall, in the dim dark ages, governments paying farmers to plough crops under. It might be a good thing if the US government paid all those greedy bastards they subsidies to make arms industry to stay home instead.
military/industrial complex

Interestingly, we now have another complex in the US that's almost the rival of the military/industrial complex. It's the incarceration/industrial complex.

Make weapons, war, and put people in jail. Pretty much sums up our fair land in a nutshell.
And who says the US doesn't make anything to sell to the world?
Very nic.
Sorry, that was meant to be "very nice."

As in, "kudos."
I saw the movie too, it's a sad sad day when one chooses not to morally confront their conscience and looses, um.. a lot. In case anybody hasn't heard this already, the main character is the composite of 5 real gun runners, and real guns were used in filming because props were more expensive.

Small arms are not covered because of the lack of public data available.

hmm... speaking of, Landmine stockpiles are still huge, but their trade seems to have stopped.
I agree with you Kvatch...thank you for this post. I think our annual President's Day Ugliest President Contest is wrapping up....loud applause.
My pleasure, Lily. But LtN gets a mention in the post that just went up.

Basically we've had our fun, and I guess at the tail end of President's Day, it might be time to think about what is best in Presidents rather than what is worst. Though I have to say, the Ugliest President contest was great for giggles. I think Nixon was the consensus, no?
Napalm sticks to little kids...
And all you need is laundry detergent and gasoline.

Isn't war great!
We arm the world!
We kill the children!

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