The FCC - Looking Out For My TV Dollar

A new report buy the FCC states that I could save as much as 13% on my cable bill if I were allowed to buy channels a la carte. Really? That much, huh?

Well it's not like an "a la carte" cable plan is not intuitively attractive, but over the last decade my cable bill has increased 300% and my television watching has decreased by 2/3. (Mostly because everything I see on television is crap, but that's for another blog.) Forget the fact that I get twice the number of channels. It's irrelevant. Channels that you don't watch are valueless. So the way I figure it, this makes my cable about 800% more expensive or, if you prefer, 8 times less valuable than it was a decade ago, and the FCC wants to try and save me 13%? Whoopee! Now my cable will only be 7 times less valuable.

Forgive me if I seem underwhelmed.


Why do we pay for it at all? Let the home shopping and self promoting channels kick in some change and the real channels can be free. Why do we have to watch advertisements AND pay for cable?
Right on.

Time Warner is the AntiChrist. $30.00 bucks a month for dreck. "O!" ? "WE"? Home Shopping Network?
If we got rid of cable TV we'd probably see the national IQ average jump 8 points in six months.

I cut the cable seven years ago. Put up the ol' Winegard antenna (you remember what an antenna is right?) and I'm pullin' in all the TV I want... in HD, no less... for free. Besides, the way Apple and iTunes Video is going it looks like you'll be able to do all the a la carte you want for a buck ninety-nine an episode. Showtime's on the bandwagon, can HBO be far behind?
My cable bill is...drumroll please..over a $100 a month.. I got the digital package,I like showtime, the ball and chain wants HBO and speechannel..its ridiculous. They don't even kiss me first..the bastards.
Comedy Central is available on itunes now too.

Thirty bucks??? I wish!! And I don't even get all the premium stuff. Damn.
Our monthly DirecTV bill is 56.97. So that means I'd save something like 7.25 per month if I could choose my own channels? Wow! What great savings! I suppose if you look at it as roughly $90 saved per year, it seems like more.

I only need about fifteen channels. I need FOX Sports NW so I can watch my Seattle Mariners baseball games and my Oregon Duck sports. I like the three ESPN channels we get. Other than those, give me public broadcasting, CNN, C-Span, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, Comedy Network (gotta have my Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert), CBS, NBC, ABC, and sadly, FOX (those four major networks for sports coverage, all but FOX for news, and none of them for the shitcoms), and BBC and I'm all set. Oops, I guess that's like 16 channels.

Isn't 12 or 13 channels what we used to have on our ancient black-and-white jobbers in the days before cable? Why have we gotten to where we need more than that?

At our house we get the whole package because my wife likes "WE", TBS, WGN, FOX Movie Channel, AMC, Game Show Network, Food Network, and my daughters have their channels they like as well. In a couple of years when the kids have moved out, we can probably negotiate about TV viewing habits and cheaper packages.
My cable bill is...drumroll please..over a $100 a month.

Yow Dusty! That hurts! Snave, I agree. The savings are minor ducats. What we need is real "pay per episode". That way I can get my Nova, my BG, and my 24 and ignore the rest of the drivel.
If I could buy the a la carte I wouldn't have the Top 100, I would have maybe two dozen channels, so I could see there might be a savings. Of course, I have satellite dish, not cable.

I'm sure the NSA is watching me through the satellite box, though. That's why I wear thi scopper hat. Forget aluminum foil. That's for crazy people.
What? And give up exciting (old) episodes of "Married with Children"???

not a chance...

You want some (Napa Valley) wine with that cheese?
My cable bill is up in the Dusty area of pain...and we don't get alot of great stuff- and I pay an arm and a leg- because I NEED Sundance and Film Channel and National Geographic....also if I didn't have cable I would have ONLY one channel...oh the pain...and plez the FCC wanting to Do Something GOOD for the Public...yeah, right??!!! Ha?!
I don't have cable, and it's doubtful I ever will. Stations charge carriers for the right to broadcast their crap, then charge advertisers more money because of potential viewers based on number of subscribers. A La carte seems more sensible to me, why pay for Fox or a bunch of sports stations I'll never watch, or drek like they show on Lifetime (here's a clue, the man did it), but once I whittle away all the channels I would never watch, there doesn't seem to be enough left to make it worth while to have it in the first place. Plus, since most channels broadcast nothing but propaganda anyway, why should I have to pay for it?
Like the pictured tv. I used to collect television sets and had one just like it.

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