The Difference Between Coastal America and Central America

I read a lot of crap about red-state America vs. blue-state America. I've even used such gratuitous distinctions in this blog, but once in a while an example comes along that seems to hammer the point home.

After a week in which Cheney shoots a man; Has his staff delay and spin the incident to reduce the fallout; Limits his interview on the subject to a network that's barely more than a right-wing shill; Gets a public apology from his victim; The one man less deserving of praise than perhaps any other member of the administration goes home to...A standing ovation from his home state's legislature.

I shudder to think of the reaction Cheney would have gotten here.


Cheney got a standing-O, for shooting a guy?

This really is the Bizzaro world.
He deserves a promotion! I think 'Caesar' would be a good job for him. We could call him 'El Poopy'.
I'm going to ignore this bognonymous-typical America-hating rant and instead focus on the previous post (which, probably fearing backlash, left no space for comments.)

Lily and Kvatch on the same site? If I believed in science, I might think that this constitutes some kind of "liberal critical mass!" The resulting anti-American chain reaction might throw off enough hippie radiation to make parts of Utah uninhabitable for God-fearing heterosexuals for millenia!

I beg you to reconsider this unholy alliance!
Hey, he could have gone anywhere in the country and got a standing ovation for shooting a lawyer....
Thats why the picture is purple hippie glow- thats dirty liberal radiation! How else could I read Molly Ivins during my tree-sit? Only by the light of anti-American phosphorescence.

I heard the radiation even caused flags, still on their patriotic poles, to imprint their image in the manicured grasses surrounding federal buildings all across the midwest.
Lily and Kvatch on the same site? If I believed in science, I might think that this constitutes some kind of "liberal critical mass!"

Now Rex, don't get your undies in a wad. You know that the administration's new Liberal Non-proliferation Treaty prevents us from congregating together in a way that might allow our poisonous ideas to spread. Fear not.
1,650 miles. Secret service, aides, bullet proof car, backup nuclear "football" for a thirty minute appearance.

I'm back to commenting more byu the way. The project got done, so now I can take the extra five minutes to respond rather than just read.

Hey, have you seen Ken's post over at BIO regarding the incident. It has an interesting angle - questioning the fact that no one's wives were along for the hunting kicks and giggles, but yet there were women hunting with them...have a gander:
Newsguy over at Skeptical Observer also has the "Huntin'Picnic " theme- maybe it is a Texas Valentine thing? Go out and kill something/someone to impress another woman....and then cook it...and eat it. ( Cause Unca Dick ALWAYS eats what he shoots )......the WIVES have not really been visible this week have they? Lynne was carted out at Dick's Event in Wyoming- but to merely smile and shake, NO words fell out of her. And the Other Wife was not even at the Photo Event at the Hospital....hmm, poor shot up Hubby - and no wifey by his side holding his hand...interesting...

Rex- you seem worried about the Lilly hanging out over here with the Wonder Frog...alliances are a good thing...they spark the readers curiosity....
Well, he got a standing O for shooting a guy... it's great when you have the media on your side.

Next thing we know, Cheney will be referred to as a "hero".
DickiePooh Haiku

Warm womb Wyoming

Codles its favorite son

His vengeance will come
I love the smell of Haiku in the morning...

Briuses, pocks, and scars
Battered Whittington speaks
"I am sorry Dick"
Not bad haikuing for a frog, mind you (and I love your new hat), but I believe that last line should read:
"I'm a sorry..."
Dick eats what he shoots? That'll be one full bastard, I heard he got 70 birds (plus the 1 78-year-old man) that day.

Why didn't he explode? Dear lord, WHY?
We can only hope Helen..only hope...
Sometimes, when I read news like this, I get the feeling I'm actually in some sort of twilight zone of a coma.... The victim of a head trauma or something. That my body is lying somewhere back in a land where shooting a guy in a hunting snafu is a bad thing, not something to be applauded, and that some day I'll wake up and find the "reality" of the past five years was really just an cruel nightmare.

God I hope I wake up soon.
In some sense, you could say that when Cheney's pal took the blame for being shot, Cheney received his seventh deferment. The sixth deferment, when Fitz did not indict him, is still shrouded with an asterisk.

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