Democratic Talking Points - Republicans Rig Elections

The evidence of election tampering and the will to tamper with elections mounts...

By now we all know that California Sec. of State McPherson has recertified Diebold's touchscreen voting machines for upcoming elections, a unilateral, possibly illegal move taken without public comment and without waiting for the results of Federal tests that were his reason for decertifying the machines in the first place.

Add to this the fact that Black Box Voting now has the goods on voting irregularities in Palm Beach County, Florida during the 2004 presidential election--Votes date-stamped from October (sometimes up to a month before the election); Votes date-stamped with the year 2010; 1400+ voting-machine resets and recalibrations, executed while the polls were open; Voting program accesses; Log tampering; And on and on...

So it seems we have another simple talking point to add to the Democrat's list for the midterms: Republicans rig elections.


The Democratic Party is a ferocious and vociferous bunch that will make good use of this, and the whole laundry list of High Crimes that BushCo has committed and they'll...

The Democratic party is a rag-tag, neurotic coalition of progressives with no coordinated, disciplined message machine. As with all the other Republican sin that has fallin into their lap to exploit, they'll screw this up as well.

The Democratic party needs to decide who's running party communications and stragety, then get the hell behind him or her. It seems they have Dean, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, and yes, Lieberman all trying to grab the reins of the wagon and each trying to steer a different message.

I need some Advil.
Did you see the Brad Blog piece on the Infrared ports on the Diebold voting machines?


"Republicans rig elections" as a talking point?

Might I suggest the following, more credible mantras...

"Republicans killed Kennedy!"

"Republicans made Clinton lie!"

"Republicans made Sasha Cohen fall! Twice!"
I think until this is taken care of the republicans will be in power. So, we better get on it.

I was just at B of A the other day using the ATM and noticed it was Diebold. Never noticed that before...although it WAS a new "touch screen." Brrrrrrr!
Kvatch I saw that you are taking a break- I will miss you much and seeing your little frog presence on different comment columns always cheered me up....I hope you come back soon and please feel free to come by Watergate Summer anytime....okay?
Of course you know what we will get from the GOP if we raise Diebold touchscreens as a political issue... the tired old pictures of people examining ballots in Florida. And, we will hear the use of the term "hanging chads" so often that it will drive all people from both parties totally nuts.

Hardcore Repubicans won't want to visit or revisit this story because they probably kind of like the way things have gone in 00 and 04. Why tinker with something that is already working quite nicely for them?

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